There are many ways in which students of the Engineering Foundation Year are supported in their studies. This support includes providing students with a sense of collegiality and professionalism and giving first year students a space of their own.

Support includes:

Engineering Tutor Access Point (ETAP)

What is ETAP?

ETAP is FREE for all Engineering Foundation Year students. ETAP is access to skilled and trained engineering specialist tutors.

ETAP helps you reach your full potential by:

  • Providing additional support in a small group
  • Developing your problem solving skills
  • Clarifying key concepts or applications
  • Extending your feedback on problems or questions
  • Establishing good study habits and support networks

Who needs ETAP?

EFY students who want to:

  • Establish good study habits
  • Gain confidence and skill in problem solving
  • Extend or consolidate understanding

What ETAP is not

ETAP is not a replacement for your lectures, workshops or tutorials. Come prepared with questions and/or attempted problems in an open, accessible environment.

ETAP location: Engineering Foundation Year Studio

ETAP Times and Units: See Engineering Foundation Year Blackboard or Facebook, and Engineering Foundation Year noticeboard (Located outside Building 204, 315 and 316)

The studio

The EFY Studio was designed to provide learning facilities that engage students with the profession of engineering. The design studio and project rooms reflect the layout of a modern office, familiarising students with the style of a professional working environment. It gives first year students a secure base from which to develop their social and academic contacts, allowing a better adjustment from secondary school to the larger learning environment of university. The studio common space and project rooms provide an amenity conducive to class team project work and peer tuition.

Students work within an environment that is a microcosm of real engineering professional practice, the studio acting as the hub of their social and academic networks.

The EFY Studio facilities include:

  • an open plan design office
  • project meeting rooms
  • learning assistance clinics
  • Computing, Electrical and Mechanics laboratories

The Engineering Foundation Year Studio has proven to be highly effective both as a platform for the EFY curriculum, and as a vehicle for students’ networking, socialisation and development of a group into a vibrant community. The studio has extended opening hours.

Studio Sponsors

The Engineering Studio and common first year curriculum are real demonstrations of how Curtin remains at the forefront of Engineering Education. However, such a venture could not be possible without the financial support and commitment of many leading organisations. Curtin is proud of its close industry links, which have proved to be mutually beneficial for many years, such as:

Class grouping

Engineering Foundation Year students are timetabled together in groups of around 20, so they have many opportunities to work in familiar, cohesive teams. The larger lecture class size inherent of large student cohorts has been balanced by the familiarity of the timetabled groups.


The Orientation Day for Engineering Foundation Year introduces incoming Student Engineers to the ethos of Engineering Foundation Year and engages them in team-based engineering activities. After a brief introduction Student Engineers will participate in two Field Work activities – An Orient Hunt and Conceive Design Implement Operate (CDIO) Activity.

The purpose of the Orient Hunt is to allow new students to familiarize themselves with the campus, providing some important information about studying at university, and to start their transition to becoming a professional engineer. The items on the Orient Hunt will provide new students with some essential information about life on campus, facilities and other key information. There will also be the opportunity to talk to current engineering students about university life.

The purpose of the CDIO Activity is to provide new students with important information about engineering and Engineering Foundation Year by engaging in the engineering design process with imposed constraints. New students will be able to network with professional engineers, Engineers Australia and staff about university and engineering. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and begin the Curtin Engineering Foundation Year journey.