Advanced Science

Advanced Science

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

Guaranteed ATAR: 95
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The Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) is designed for talented science students who want to develop their research and/or entrepreneurial skills from the first year of their course. You can tailor the course in a way that works for you, and it will give you access to advanced level courses leading to an honours degree. The course integrates a core of scientific inquiry and research skills, entrepreneurship and leadership to develop the next generation of scientists with the mix of creativity, autonomy and knowledge necessary for resilience in a changing employment landscape.

The program differs from the Bachelor of Science by connecting you to research groups at an earlier stage, offering access to units at an advanced level, potentially at an earlier stage, and including an honours degree outcome, provided suitable progress is made. You will also have greater flexibility and breadth in your learning development.

The course is designed to increase the industry- and research-readiness of high performing students. It will produce graduates with highly developed skills in research and problem-solving, and with experience working with industry. These characteristics are repeatedly expressed by employers as some of the most highly valued in science graduates.

Course structure

A major in a pure or applied science discipline

Each of the eleven available majors is aligned with the research strengths of Curtin University. Each discipline area in which a major is offered conducts research at ‘at least world standard’, or research performance ranked as ‘well above world standard’ (ERA 2015). This allows you to engage with world leading research from very early in your course.

A set of electives for specialisation or broadening

Every student in the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) has space in their program to select electives from within their discipline to develop specialised knowledge and skills, or from elsewhere in the University to pursue other fields of interest. These electives allow you to enrol in a minor course of study that appears on your final transcript to demonstrate the development of a distinctive set of skills.

A core of scientific professional practice, entrepreneurship and leadership

This set of innovative and challenging units is designed to develop your sense of identity as a scientist through the integration of scientific inquiry and research skills. There are embedded opportunities for on-campus immersive research experiences, off-campus industry placements or challenge-based learning in multidisciplinary groups. It is a personalised learning experience, with the nature of these opportunities changing depending on your interests and personal development.

A capstone experience

The capstone experience is the culmination of the previous three years of study in a self-paced, self-directed project. The form of the project is dependent on your interests and aspirations, but will generally result in a product that adds to scientific knowledge in the field of study or presents a technical solution to a problem. The project is mentored by academic staff, industry partners or a combination of these.

Available majors

Agricultural Science

Agricultural scientists are central to ensuring that we can feed a global population, as well as addressing other global issues such as food security, changing markets, sustainability and climate change.

In the Agricultural Sciences major, high performing students will use chemistry and biology to develop an understanding of production systems and to apply problem-solving techniques to management strategies.

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Professional chemists are essential to the operations of most manufacturing, processing, minerals and other industries. They use sophisticated instruments for the analysis of raw materials and finished products.

This major provides a body of knowledge in chemistry and a range of skills necessary for a career in modern analytical or industrial laboratory; skills that are gained in Curtin’s laboratories that are amongst the best equipped in Australia.

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Coastal and Marine Science

The need to sustain Australia’s coastal and marine environment is more important than ever as we face an uncertain future driven by climate change, increasing resource extraction and coastal development.

The Coastal and Marine Science major is an opportunity for high performing students to meet the need for increased research into the coastal environment while managing the sustainability of current and future anthropogenic activity within marine and coastal systems.

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Computer scientists, software engineers, programmers and other computing professionals are experts on how technology works and how computing can address even the most complicated and intricate problems.

The aim of the Computing major is to prepare high performing students for the areas of Information and Communications Technology stated to be most in-demand and for positions that are the most difficult to fill, based on regular consultations with industry.

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Data Science

Industries are now utilising the availability of large volumes of data to grow – from predicting weather patterns and optimising harvesting in agriculture, to improving patient diagnosis and treatment in the health industry. Central to harnessing the power of data to drive innovation is the Data Scientist.

The Data Science major is multidisciplinary with fields of study in computing, statistics, emerging internet technologies and media studies. Foundational studies in programming and statistics form the basis of higher level studies in data mining, data security and computer simulation.

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Earth Sciences

This honours level major provides a flexible and personalised approach to studying earth sciences with students able to explore the field through opportunities for immersive research experiences, industry placement and team-based projects. The major culminates in a personalised capstone experience.

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Environmental Science

Environmental scientists manage human impacts on the environment through the application of expertise in the physical and biological sciences to generate innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

High performing students of the Environmental Science major will graduate with the ability to apply a flexible and multi-faceted approach to environmental problem-solving through their scientific knowledge, research capability and practical skills in disciplines such as environmental impact assessment, geology, chemistry, and more.

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Financial Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of concepts such as quantity, structure, space and change and to use these concepts to model and describe the behaviour of real world complex systems.

The Financial Mathematics major provides graduates with a broad range of analytical and mathematical skills, with particular relevance to statistical modelling and operations research, in the financial context.

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Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Industrial and Applied Mathematics major is designed to provide high performing students with the skills in mathematics, engineering and computing and to apply them to efficiency and productivity problems arising in business, industry and government.

Industry-based units, the work experience program, as well as the flexible and personalised approach to learning will help students to experience real applications.

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Molecular Genetics

Molecular genetics will increasingly contribute to solutions to global problems facing humanity including prevention and control of human, animal and plant diseases, biosecurity, reversal of environmental degradation and feeding the world’s population.

Our Bachelor of Advanced Science (Molecular Genetics) major can be employed across a wide range of challenging careers working alongside other scientists, environmental scientists, medical and health-care professionals, and more.

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Students choose to study Physics because they are fascinated by fundamental questions about the origin, nature and function of our Universe.

The Physics major contains high-level mathematics and computer science, and is well-aligned with high-profile international projects such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) being built in Western Australia.

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