Global experiences

Notice in regards to current COVID-19 travel restrictions

In light of the ongoing travel restrictions and border closures, Curtin SciEng will continue to suspend travel programs for Semester 2 2020 – students residing in WA are allowed to resume travel within the regional allowances and are required to complete Travel Approvals (TOP) prior to departing the Metro Area. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates regarding travel from December/January for programs as they become available.

Global experiences give you the opportunity to travel to incredible locations and gain credit towards your Curtin degree! Popular with students who are unable to commit to a semester abroad, study tours and internships are great opportunities to gain a unique global perspective.

Charlene G

Charlene G

Bachelor of Engineering and Commerce (Chemical Engineering and Finance)
New Colombo Plan Recipient – Semester exchange to South Korea

“If there is one thing I could recommend to future students, I would say that you should say yes to as many opportunities as you can along your exchange journey because you simply do not know how much you can gain/who you can meet from it. The NCP grant I received had such an influence on my exchange experience because it provided me the freedom to really immerse myself in the whole cultural experience without having any financial worries on the side.”

Study Tours

China Study Tour for Science and Engineering students*

Three week study tour where students will attend guest lectures and site visits alongside learning about the host locations culture and working on a major project in their chosen field

Immersion experience in Cambodia, Vietnam or Indonesia for Science/Advanced Science students*

Students will undertake two-week immersion experience in Cambodia, Vietnam or Indonesia with a focus on promoting access to clean water, sanitation, aquaculture practices and health and hygiene.

Cambodia Study Tour for Engineering Foundation Year students*

Students will spend two weeks immersed in local culture and will apply their knowledge to begin to develop technological engineering solutions for the community challenges they observe; e.g. lack of clean water, poor waste management and / or poor infrastructure.

Netherlands Study Tour for engineering students

Details coming soon! Express your interest.

Chile Study Tour for Science students

Details coming soon! Express your interest.

Please email with your expression of interest for any of the above study tours.

*Eligible students can receive $3000 – $8000 to support their experience via the New Colombo Plan.

Global Internships

Internships in Singapore and Indonesia for engineering students*

10 week placements for engineering students in Singapore and Indonesia.

Internships in Thailand for Actuarial Science students*

8 – 10 week placement for Actuarial Science Students in Bangkok. Students will be placed with internship providers, exposing students to experts in the stock market industry, mixing with stock brokers, insurance brokers and financial investment consultants.

Internship + Semester exchange at IIT Madras, India for engineering students*

This project offers students the chance to undertake a semester exchange at IIT Madras as well as an internship at one of the start-up ventures at IIT Madras’ Technology Park.

Please email with your expression of interest for any of the above internships.

*Eligible students can receive $3000 – $8000 to support their experience via the New Colombo Plan.