Get involved

Build your networks and skills by getting involved in a wide range of activities including student clubs, volunteering, mentoring and learner voice initiatives, while connecting with those who share your interests. Do not underestimate the power of networking and where it can lead you!

Student clubs

Joining a club or society has many benefits. It can kick start your career by helping to build your leadership and employability skills. Along the way you will make new friends and extend your professional, personal and global networks. Where do you see yourself fitting?


Build your leadership skills, connect with new people and make a positive difference. You can help the Faculty orientate all new Science and Engineering students during O-Week, mentor a student, get involved in a club or join the Curtin Volunteers team.

Volunteering your time does not go unrewarded! Besides the difference you will make to other people’s lives, some volunteering activities acknowledge your hard work on the Curtin Extra Certificate, which formally recognises student development through co-curricular engagement. It aligns with Curtin’s vision for our students to be prepared for the future, sought after by employers, and able to make a difference globally.

Student events

The Faculty of Science and Engineering provides students with the opportunity to connect with industry through specialised events. Throughout your degree, you’ll have opportunities to register for industry-based events via UniHub, including career fairs, recruitment presentations, networking events, and much more.

By participating in these events, you will complement your studies with real-world industry engagement and graduate ready to launch your career anywhere in the world.

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