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In light of the ongoing travel restrictions and border closures, Curtin will continue to suspend travel programs in line with the regulations put in place by the State Government of Western Australia and Australian Federal Government. Students residing in Western Australia are allowed to resume travel in line with the state governments allowances and are required to complete Travel Approval Requests (TOP) prior to departing the Metro Area. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates regarding travel programs as this information becomes available moving forwards.



All industry placements attributed to your course, through curricular (unit based or graduation requirement) must be reviewed and approved by the WIL office before you can commence the placement.

To enable a generic understanding we have called these activities “fieldwork”, however they can also be referred to as internships, placements, vac work, serviced learning, sandwich learning programs and/or WIL engagements. All of these terms cover broader WIL activities which must be approved by Curtin before they are undertaken as a part of your studies.

For more information about our insurance policies and fieldwork, please see our “Fieldwork Insurance Policy” page.



Standard assessment times will apply (10 – 15 business days), requests will be actioned in the order they are received. Students who have missed the deadline and have not received approval for their placement/s, will need to delay their start date until a formal review and approval is provided by the WIL team.

Approval is required for placement activities

As part of the University’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) policy, all student placement activities need to be reviewed and approval BEFORE students commence the activity. Students will not be given retrospective approval or recognition for a placement that was not reviewed and approved before the activity was started. This policy applies to all placements, including self-sourced opportunities.


Please do not start your placement until it has been approved. Assessment of your application can take between 10 – 14 business days. Engineering students with logbook queries, please contact Logbook Support team.

Before you apply, please ensure:

  • You have been made a formal placement offer
  • The placement must be undertaken within a safe environment
  • Your potential supervisor is willing to complete the necessary performance review for your unit (see your unit outline) or logbook requirements (see logbook link above). The university may contact your supervisor during the placement for a progress update.
  • You have all the relevant documentation to attach to your application (listed below)

Make sure you supply all requested documents and complete all required fields in the online form to prevent delaying your placement review. Once we have made our assessment we will inform you of the outcome via email.

What type of placement are you undertaking?

Domestic - Unpaid Internships

  • Submit a Student Placement Form once you have been given a formal offer
  • Fieldwork Agreement
    The host organisation will need to complete the agreement, this is the mechanism which allows the University to cover your placement with insurances (Personal Accident and Public Liability) during your unpaid placement. The agreement is managed by the WIL Office, you will be included / informed of the agreement status after the first review.
  • Fieldwork Preliminary Risk Identification Form (FWPRI). This must be completed by you and signed by a representative at your Host Organisation, this will be issued out digitally by the WIL office.
  • If placing internationally, you will need to facilitate the fieldwork agreement process directly with your supervisor if in a non-English country or organisation. You will also need to complete a Travel Request (TOP – instructions are provided in the placement form).

Submit Placement Form

Domestic - Paid Internships

  • Submit a Student Placement Form once you have a formal offer for placement
  • Payment is classed as ‘money for time worked’, allowances, compensations and living supplements are not classed as ‘paid incomes’
  • Remember you are considered an employee if being paid, and it is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with the necessary workplace insurances and coverage.

Submit Placement Form

International - Engagements due to Covid-19

Curtin insurance does not apply to international engagement undertaken off-shore due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, students can request to have their activity recognised towards their course requirements (such as engineering and BTech logbooks) or unit requirements as an attribution to their studies once approved and lodged on record with the WIL team.


Please undertake the following actions to process your request.

  • Submit a Student Placement Form once you have a formal offer for placement
  • Select “International – Engagements due to Covid-19” when asked under what format your placement is being undertaken.
  • Please ensure that your industry partner has adequate insurance for your activity as it is their responsibility to provide you with the necessary workplace insurances and coverage


Submit Placement Form

Logbook information and submissions

Please find information below relevant to your logbook (graduation requirement).

Reflective Report, Insurance Information and Internship Letters

Please note that First Aid certificates are no longer required for your logbook submission.


Reflective Reports

Download logbook reflective report guide:


Insurance Information

All students are reminded that placements, fieldwork and internships need to be recorded and reviewed by the WIL Office prior to commencement. In the event that the activity is unpaid, under the Fair Work Act 2009, Curtin will provide insurance once a full review has been provided for the activity.

Insurance Terms of Use and Certificates of Currency


Internship letter requests

Students who are requested to provide an internship letter confirming their logbook hours requirement by the host organisation or for an application, please submit your internship letter request at the online form.

Logbook submissions (digital)

Logbook submission deadlines

Study Period Logbook Submission Deadline
Semester 1, 2021 5pm (GMT8+, Perth time) on Friday 21st May 2021
Semester 2, 2021 5pm (GMT8+, Perth time) on Friday 15th October 2021


Logbook Submission Standards

You will need to review all documents below and ensure that your digital logbook submission meets the standards stipulated.

Logbook FAQs

Please download logbook FAQs below:

Curtin Connect

Lodge a request
Do you have a course related question? Curtin Connect is your hub for student services, support and advice, across all 5 schools in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Curtin Connect is here to support your questions, which includes:

  • New to Curtin information
  • Enrolments
  • Managing your course
  • Fees and Scholarships
  • Student Details and ID cards
  • and more.

If you require support, please visit Curtin Connect webpage and look for the “Lodge a Request” button.

Logbook Questions and Support

Logbook questions may include:

  • Which category to claim an experience under
  • How to complete a reflective report
  • When and how to submit your final logbook portfolio
  • Or general logbook information that is not previously referred to in the ‘Logbook information and submissions‘ section above


How to lodge a logbook support request:

  • Find your support teams email in the table below,
  • Use your Curtin provided student email,
  • Email the team your support query,
  • Don’t forget to include your Curtin Student ID, Full Name, Degree and Major/s.


Discipline / Degree Support Email
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology
Chemical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Mining Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering

Engineers Australia

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