Connect with industry

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program aims to link students to industry. As a Science and Engineering student you will be exposed to opportunities to connect with successful industry and community leaders, helping you gain a competitive edge, with the potential to enhance your professional prospects.

Connect with industry

The WIL program works to develop opportunities through:

  • guest lectures from industry specialists
  • professional training from industry experts
  • networking events
  • vacation and graduate programs
  • placements
  • employment opportunities.

Aiming to provide our students with maximum industry engagement, to some of WA’s top employers, both in and out of the classroom. You will apply the practical skills and knowledge you gain through these opportunities to the real world, preparing you for excellence in all key business professions and sectors.

WIL Opportunities Board

Do you want to apply for opportunities with the Faculty’s industry partners? Visit our live jobs board exclusively for Science and Engineering students enrolled in studies with the Faculty.

We remind students who are given a final offered by industry partners to submit their placement for review and approval, before they commence with the host organisation, so that the WIL Office can review and ensure you have met all legislative and insurance requirements if not being paid under Australian minimum wage laws.

Integrated Graduate Pathways

The Integrated Graduate Pathways (IGP) program is a multistage paid employment and development collaboration between Curtin University, industry partners and students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Managed between the Faculty Work Integrated Learning office (WIL) and the central Recruit Curtin team, we work with industry partners to produce competitive paid vacation work opportunities, which students complete during the summer break in your penultimate year. The program aims to support students through to paid casual employment* in your final year and a structured professional development / academic integration managed on your behalf.

Drawing on the expertise of Curtin’s extracurricular, academic and / or professional development, ‘add-ons’ are determined through consultation with the industry partner, following a review of the students’ performance during their vacation work. This ensures that IGP student are verifiably industry ready to convert into graduate employment.

For more detailed information about the IGP program, please view our brochure.

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STEM Outreach

In addition to linking students to industry, the Student Engagement team works collaboratively with the STEM Outreach team to deliver prospective student engagement activities.