Engineering students

To maximise your potential after university, start planning during your studies by taking every opportunity to build your employability skills.

Mech Eng Student

Connect with our students
Do you have a placement opportunity, internship, vac work, or grad opportunity? We’re here to help.

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Industry connections

Connect with industry
Get your foot in the door! Find out how you can increase your professional prospects through internships, professional development, networking events and guest lectures.

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Students working on robotics

Get involved

Build your networks and skills by getting involved in a wide range of activities including student clubs and volunteering while connecting with those who share your interests.

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Students in classroom

Science and Engineering Language and Literacy (SELL) Development

We offer many support services to help you succeed in your degree, specifically tailored for Faculty of Science and Engineering students.

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STEM Outreach

Start your STEM journey early

Curtin’s STEM Outreach activities provide opportunities for high school students to get a taste for study, career and research pathways in science or engineering. With school workshops, holiday events, camps, excursions and competitions, there’s plenty of room to get more STEM in your life.

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Have your say

Student Voice

Have your say! By providing feedback to the Faculty you become a partner in the development process, allowing us to build better programs for you and for future Curtin students.

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Fieldwork, placement and industry project portal

General information, submit placement requests and faculty contact information for current students undertaking fieldwork, placements and industry projects.

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Map of the world

GoGlobal SciEng

Global SciEng opportunities in overseas placements, short programs, international exchange and third party providers coming soon.

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