Centre for High Definition Geophysics

The Centre for High-Definition Geophysics (CHDG) was established in 2006 with State funding through the Centres of Excellence in Science and Innovation program and follows the completion of a successful project using seismic methods for gold exploration in the Goldfields.

The CHDG is also supported by a range of industry partners including, Placer Dome Pacific, Goldfields, Sydney Gas, BHP Coal, Griffin Coal, BHP-WMC, Jubilee Mines, Independence Group, Anglo-Gold, ISA Technologies and IBM.

The CHDG is investigating how seismic technologies can detect mineral resources such as gold, base metals and coal and also locate underground water reserves. Although the CHDG’s initial research has focused on the use of seismic technologies, the overall aim is to combine a range of geophysical techniques to characterise and map the earth’s properties and near surface resources in general as well as delineate ore bodies at greater depths to increase the effectiveness of exploration and assist the geotechnical sector for large infrastructure developments. CHDG applies geophysical techniques to imaging hard and mineralised terrain mainly using seismic techniques, an example being shown below.

Applying technologies such as seismic to imaging such structures is part of the goals of the Centre of Rock Characterisation.