Exploration Geophysics

Exploration Geophysics

Exploration geophysics is a non-invasive and non-destructive applied Earth Science that utilises physical phenomena to remotely image and characterise the subsurface. It has applications in environmental studies such as groundwater sustainability, geothermal research and carbon capture and storage, as well as the resources industry.

When you study geophysics at Curtin you will use seismic, magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric and gravitational technologies and techniques to determine the structure and composition of natural (and sometimes artificial) materials below the Earth’s surface without the need for drilling or excavation. During this process you will use advanced software and hardware to collect, process, display and interpret data, and apply physics, computing and mathematics in practical ways on commercial and environmental projects.

In the Australian Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 assessment, Curtin University ranked above world standard in Geophysics.

Professional recognition

We are a dedicated team of highly respected, professional trainers and researchers who will provide you with all the skills and training you need to become a fully-qualified professional geophysicist. When you complete your geophysics degree with us you will be able to gain admission to the following prestigious societies:

Career opportunities

Geophysicists are employed in a wide variety of industries by engineering companies, environmental agencies, mining companies, government, universities and regulatory agencies as well as in other, more diverse areas ranging from archaeology to astronomy and planetary sciences.

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