Variety has been the flavour for Colloquium series

This year’s colloquium series saw five international and local researchers present on a range of topics.
The presenters and topics included:

  • Professor Bernhard Heck: ‘Recent research activities at GIK (Geodetic Institute Karlsruhe) in the field of Physical and Satellite Geodesy’ (March)
  • Professor Béla Paláncz: ‘Linear and nonlinear homotopy solutions of nonlinear systems of equations in geodesy’ (March)
  • Darren Mottolini: ‘CRCSI Business Development Focuses and its opportunities in WA’ (May)
  • Rodrigo Mikosz Gonçalves: ‘Shoreline detection, monitoring and tendency – challenges for Brazil’ (June)
  • Professor Nicola Shaw: ‘Using GIS to provide personalised health care: The barriers and opportunities’ (October)

The Department thanks these presenters for their time visiting or working with members of the academic staff and sharing their wealth of knowledge with staff, students and industry members.

It is hoped the colloquium series gains momentum in 2016 to continue to promote and showcase the significance and latest developments in the spatial sciences and help to bring industry, government and academic partners together.