News from the Spatial Sciences Research Hub

Research Hub

The Spatial Sciences Research Hub, an initiative of the Department of Spatial Sciences at Curtin University and interested industry members, has been set up to help foster, facilitate and manage spatial research projects within the state.

Since its commencement in 2016, several projects under its banner are now underway, and some of these projects are identified below.  Other projects are proceeding at the negotiation stage, while still more are at the early stages of the project process.

Some of the Spatial Research Hub projects currently being progressed include:

  • Pointerra Scoping study: Pointerra and Curtin University’ Spatial Research Hub have agreed to work together on an applied research program in the field of advanced 3D point cloud analytics.
  • Transport Analytics: This proposal explores travel behaviour patterns to assist and inform policies that tackle key challenges identified by government agencies.
  • Cliniface Phase 2 (in partnership with the CRC-SI): This project will medically enable 3D facial analysis of patients by using spatial technologies in 3D imaging, feature extraction and mapping.  It will aim to extend on the Phase 1 project to include several critical features such as facial co-registration, facial averaging, analysis of facial differences and symmetry, and detection and classification of salient facial morphological characteristics.
  • Burns study: A study in how photogrammetry tools and spatial techniques can be used in the assessment of burn incidents. This scoping study will determine the pathway for how spatial imagery of burn topography on the human body can assist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of burns. The project is led by Prof Fiona Wood from Fiona Stanley Hospital Burns Unit and Dr Petra Helmholz from Spatial Sciences at Curtin, and is jointly funded by CRCSI, Curtin University and Fiona Stanley Hospital.
  • Integration of MBS and PBS medical data in Western Australia: This project partnership will see Curtin University, the WA Department of Health and the WA Primary Health Alliance work together to uncover some important insights into the associations between primary health care utilisation and rates of potentially preventable hospitalisations.