Snapshot of 2016 graduate destinations brings welcome news


Despite the downturn in the resources and construction industries, it appears the 2016 graduates from the Department of Spatial Sciences have fared very well in the employment stakes within the surveying and spatial information industries.

From the 2016 graduates from the Bachelor of Surveying, 20 (77%) had found full-time employment in the surveying industry by April of this year, four (16%) graduates had attained relevant casual or part-time employment, one had gone on to further study, and only one was unemployed at the time of the survey.

The eastern states, which have had low graduate surveying numbers for some years, proved a strong attraction for four of those surveying graduates, who snapped up surveying positions in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, even before they were formally graduated.

For the graduates from the BSc (Mine and Engineering Surveying) it seems that the mining industry is still alive and active in some areas with 100% employment for those students who had sought employment as mine surveyors.  One student gained employment in Sydney as an engineering surveyor, and while one student in Perth had just been made redundant as an engineering surveyor, he was actively looking for mine surveying work at the time of the survey.  Three students were not contactable.

For spatial information graduates from the BSc (Geographic Information Science) program, the employment situation was just as positive.  By April, five graduates had attained full-time employment, one was working in a part-time role, while one student was not contactable.

Equally important for our graduates, almost all those surveyed conveyed a sense of genuine satisfaction about their job and their chosen profession as a whole.