Recap from Head of Department

Jon Kirby

Welcome to the first newsletter of the year from Spatial Sciences. This year saw a handover of headship from Prof Bert Veenendaal to A/Prof Jon Kirby, with Bert focussing on growing the Spatial Research Hub, as its Director.

However, in recent developments, the Provost has delivered recommendations for a restructure of the university’s faculties. Its main outcome is the discontinuation of departments as organisational units, and their replacement by a ‘discipline’. While many aspects of departmental activities will continue as usual, some control will be assumed by the head of the school in which the discipline sits. Furthermore, after being a part of the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) for several years, Spatial Sciences will be leaving it to join a newly-created school, the School of Earth, Ocean and Planetary Sciences. This new school will be formed from the current Departments of Spatial Sciences, Applied Geology, Environment and Agriculture (Marine Science), the Centre for Marine Science and Technology, and members of the Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Research Group (currently in the Department of Chemistry), and the Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group (currently in the Department of Physics and Astronomy).

In this new and exciting development, to be implemented for 2018, Spatial Sciences will continue to deliver its high-quality research and teaching programs.