PhD graduate, Dr Abdul Nurunnabi, awarded prestigious postdoctoral positions

PALS Group
Dr Abdul Nurunnabi (front, left) with several other staff and PhD members of the Department’s 2014 Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning research group. Professor Geoff West, Dr Petra Helmholz and Dr David Belton are key academic staff members of this group.

One of the Department’s 2014 PhD graduates, Dr Abdul Nurunnabi, was pleased to report he earlier received a Japanese Government Scholarship (JSPS) to conduct postdoctoral research at the University of Tokyo.

Abdul commented, “It was very competitive among 1200 applicants and only 120 scholarships were awarded.”

“I also received three more offers from three different university professors in USA, Scotland and Ireland, and last month I was also awarded an Irish Government postdoctoral fellowship award at the University College, Dublin, which has a success rate of no more than 15%.”

Abdul eventually chose the offer at the University of Tokyo, where he commenced on 1 May.

Abdul said, “I chose the University of Tokyo as it is a high quality research university and it’s ranked over the years within the top 30-40 universities around the globe.”

Abdul’s major research interest lies in terrestrial laser scanning, with his PhD research ‘Robust statistical approaches for feature extraction in laser scanning 3D point cloud data’ receiving excellent reviews from his examiners.

During his time at Curtin University, Abdul was supervised by Professor Geoff West and Dr David Belton.

Professor Geoff West said, “I’m very proud of Abdul for receiving these postdoctoral offers, and given the outstanding quality of research and publications he produced during his time here at Curtin University, the offers have been well earned. Well done Abdul!”