Researchers successful in receiving grant to address reliable positioning for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transport Systems

Associate Professor Ahmed El-Mowafy and a team of researchers from UNSW and the German Aerospace Centre were successful in attracting an Australian Research Council Discovery Project (ARC-DP) research grant of $460K for the project, “Trustworthy Positioning for Next Generation Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)”.

The project will run for three years (2017-2019) and will address the challenges of integrity monitoring in ITS when using satellite-based technology, its integration with other sensors, and when supported by the proposed Australia National Positioning Infrastructure.

Australia’s vast area, geography, and sparse population, and emphasis on rural transport will be considered in the study. Expected primary outputs include algorithms, a detailed analysis of required systems and recommendations that will help prepare Australia for the importation of self-driving vehicles.