Diversity at Spatial Sciences research symposium

Graduate research symposium
Research students and the audience enjoying a break during the symposium

The Graduate Research Symposium is a new initiative of the Department to showcase cutting-edge research being undertaken by our research students. These half-day events, held only twice per year, provides the opportunity to hear from and meet our research leaders of tomorrow.

The first event in May showcased the research by those students about to complete their 3-4 year degree as well as those students just embarking on their research journey.

The diversity of presentation topics on show were a reflection of the students’ and supervisors’ extensive interest levels across a range of spatial disciplines.  Topics ranged from generic high level feature detection techniques using multi-modal spatial data, to improving the performance of precise point positioning using multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS, to mobility and ageing: older drivers’ visual searching, lane keeping and coordination.

The second symposium will be held later this year.