Associate Professor Jon Kirby takes on Head of Department position from January 2017

Jon Kirby

Associate Professor Jon Kirby, a long standing member of the Department’s academic staff, will take on the role of Head of Department when Professor Bert Veenendaal steps down from the position at the end of December.

Jon came to Curtin as a postdoctoral fellow from the UK in 1996 having completed his PhD in geophysical geodesy at Edinburgh University.

His main research interest is lithospheric flexure, a field that concerns the estimation of the elastic thickness (Te) of tectonic plates, which is a measure of their strength, or resistance to loading, (from volcanism, mountain-building, or sedimentation).  His other research topics come under physical geodesy, such as geoid determination, gravimetric terrain corrections and satellite altimetry.

Previously Jon has taught undergraduate units in geodesy, spatial statistics and computing, and takes part in the 4th year surveying camp.

Jon said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Bert Veenendaal for his leadership of Spatial Sciences over the decade. Bert became Head in 2007 and among his many significant achievements he saw the creation of the Spatial Research Hub and the signing of the MOU with Landgate that resulted in the establishment of the Landgate Studios.”

“He also drove the modernisation of the department’s research labs and meeting rooms and inspired the Department’s anniversary celebrations in 2013. Bert also oversaw the increase in enrolments in our courses, and drove the increase in the number of fully-online units and consequently, the development of the fully online GIS postgraduate courses we now offer.”

“While Bert will be resuming the usual duties of an academic staff member in the department, he will also be taking on the role of Director of the Spatial Research Hub, and I wish him all the best in this exciting position.”