Giving to Spatial Sciences

Students in the Open Source Geospatial Laboratory

The spatial sciences disciplines including surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, geographic information science, geodesy and global navigation satellite systems, have a wide-ranging impact on industry, government, communities and the environment. Spatial information and technologies are fundamental to integrating our location with the things we do, at home, at work, in our leisure and wherever we are.

Investing in students today has an impact on how future graduates will contribute to, influence and lead the management, development and growth of our communities in the environment in which we live. Your support will make the difference in providing the spatial resources and support needed for our students to meet their educational and professional goals. Such support may be provided to fund student scholarships, awards, learning resources, learning infrastructure and learning activities.

We welcome you to support Spatial Sciences and have an impact on our graduates and their future in the innovative and exciting spatial sciences disciplines.

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