Geographic Information Science and Applied Geology

Growth rates in occupations utilising geographic information systems (GIS) are increasing rapidly. Your skills will be in high demand to develop powerful solutions to problems using one of the world’s most important technologies.

Pilbara GIS

This four-year double degree program develops graduates with unique capabilities to obtain employment in the resource development or environmental management industries including mining and mineral exploration, ore body assessment and management, environmental management, as well as other employment areas related to geographic information science and geology.

Resource development and environmental management increasingly rely upon the understanding and modelling of large quantities of two and three-dimensional data of surface and sub-surface features. Because underground features such as ore bodies, groundwater zones and pollution plumes are hidden deep in the ground, computer visualisation and analysis approaches are important in assisting decision making processes. As a result, this course provides a thorough knowledge of geological principles combined with the information technology and geographic information science skills related to data analysis and modelling.

See Bachelor of Science (Geographic Information Science)/Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) for full course details.