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Course and Major Coordinators

  • Mehrooz Aspandiar, Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology)
  • Mick Filmer, Bachelor of Science (Mine and Engineering Surveying)
  • Petra Helmholz, Bachelor of Surveying
  • Milo Barham, Bachelor of Advanced Science (Earth Sciences) (Honours)
  • Nick Timms, Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) (Honours)
  • Ian Fitzsimons, Graduate Diploma in Mineral Exploration Geoscience
  • Chris Elders, Master of Science (Geology) – Basin Analysis and Petroleum Geology Stream
  • Chris Kirkland, Master of Science (Geology) – Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology Stream
  • Todd Robinson, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Geospatial Intelligence

Directors of Research Institutes, Centres and Groups

  • David Antoine, Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group
  • Phil Bland, Space Science and Technology Centre
  • Christine Erbe, Centre for Marine Science and Technology
  • Kliti Grice, WA Organic Isotope Geochemistry Centre
  • Pete Kinny, The Institute for Geoscience Research
  • Chris Kirkland, Timescales of Mineral Systems Group, Centre of Exploration Targeting – Curtin Node
  • Zheng-Xiang Li, Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Tectonics and Earth Resources

Academic Staff (full listing)

  • David Antoine, Professor | Biological oceanography, Remote sensing
  • Mehrooz Aspandiar, Senior Lecturer | Exploration geochemistry, Paleopedology
  • Joseph Awange, Professor | Environmental geoinformatics, Mathematical geosciences
  • Milo Barham, Senior Lecturer | Sedimentology, Provenance
  • Dave Belton, Senior Lecturer | Laser scanning, Photogrammetry
  • Gretchen Benedix, Professor | Extraterrestrial geology, Cosmochemistry
  • Phil Bland, John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Cosmochemistry, Extraterrestrial geology
  • Alison Blyth, Senior Lecturer | Paleoenvironments, Isotope ecology
  • Aaron Cavosie, Senior Research Fellow | Mineralogy, Meteoritics
  • Sten Claessens, Senior Lecturer | Geodesy, Gravimetry
  • Chris Clark, Professor | Metamorphic petrology, Geochronology
  • Marco Coolen, Associate Professor | Geomicrobiology. Biogeochemistry
  • Hadrien Devillepoix, Research Associate | Astrophysics, Meteoritics
  • Ashraf Dewan, Senior Lecturer | Environmental geoinformatics, Climate change
  • Luc Doucet, Research Fellow | Igneous petrology, High-T geochemistry
  • Alec Duncan, Senior Research Fellow | Marine acoustics, Sonar
  • Chris Elders, Professor | Basin Evolution, Structural geology
  • Ahmed El-Mowafy, Associate Professor | Satellite positioning, Engineering surveying
  • Christine Erbe, Director, Centre for Marine Science & Technology | Marine acoustics, Bioacoustics
  • Katy Evans, Professor | Metamorphic petrology, Ore deposits
  • Noreen Evans, Professor | Analytical geochemistry, Geochronology
  • Will Featherstone, Professor | Geodesy, Gravity
  • Mick Filmer, Lecturer | Geodesy, Remote sensing
  • Ian Fitzsimons, Professor | Metamorphic petrology Tectonics
  • Lucy Forman-Amel, Research Fellow | Extraterrestrial geology, Meteoritics
  • Denis Fougerouse, Research Fellow | Nanogeoscience, Geochronology
  • Hamed Gamal El Dien, Research Associate | Geochemistry, Geodynamics
  • Alexander Gavrilov, Associate Professor | Marine acoustics, Oceanography
  • Jack Gillespie, Research Associate | Geochronology, Tectonics
  • Kliti Grice, John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Organic geochemistry, Stable Isotopes
  • Michael Hartnady, Research Associate | Geochronology, Tectonics
  • Petra Helmholz, Senior Lecturer | Photogrammetry, Geomatics
  • Robert Howie, Research Associate | Fireball camera network, Spacecraft systems
  • Chuan Huang, Research Fellow | Geophysics, Geodynamics
  • Ivana Ivanova, Senior Lecturer | Spatial data quality, Geoinformatics
  • Tim Johnson, Associate Professor | Metamorphic petrology, Early Earth
  • Paul Johnston, Senior Research Fellow | Geodesy, Solid Earth geophysics
  • Eriita Jones, Research Fellow | Remote Sensing, Planetary Science
  • Fred Jourdan, Professor | Geochronology, Igneous geochemistry
  • Pete Kinny, John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Geochronology, Isotope geochemistry
  • Jon Kirby, Associate Professor | Isostasy, Geodesy
  • Chris Kirkland, Professor | Geochronology, Analytical geochemistry
  • Michael Kuhn, Associate Professor | Geodesy, Gravity
  • Anthony Lagain, Research Associate | Extraterrestrial geology, Meteoritics
  • Zheng-Xiang Li, John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Geomagnetism, Tectonics
  • Janne Liebmann, Research Associate | Stable isotopes, Geochronology
  • Yebo Liu, Research Associate | Paleomagnetism, Paleogeography
  • Rob McCauley, Professor | Marine acoustics, Bioacoustics
  • Katarina Miljkovic, Associate Professor | Extraterrestrial geophysics, Extraterrestrial geology
  • Alexander Nemchin, Professor | Geochronology, Cosmochemistry
  • Hugo Olierook, Research Fellow | Geochronology, Exploration geochemistry
  • Kadija Oubelkheir, Research Fellow  | Remote sensing, Biogeochemistry
  • Richard Palmer, Research Associate | Computer science, Photogrammetry
  • Iain Parnum, Senior Research Fellow | Marine acoustics, Marine geophysics
  • Sergei Pisarevskiy, Senior Research Fellow | Geomagnetism, Tectonics
  • Vladimir Puzyrev, Senior Research Fellow | Machine learning, Numerical modelling
  • Steve Reddy, Professor | Nanogeoscience, Structural geology
  • Todd Robinson, Senior Lecturer | Geoinformatics, Remote sensing
  • Ellie Sansom, Research Fellow | Meteoritics, Extraterrestrial geology
  • Alan Scarlett, Research Associate | Biogeochemistry, Analytical geochemistry
  • Leonid Shumlyanskyy, Research Fellow | Geochronology, Igneous petrology
  • Tony Snow, Senior Lecturer | Surveying
  • Nick Timms, Associate Professor | Mineralogy, Structural geology
  • Martin Towner, Research Fellow | Extraterrestrial geology, Meteoritics
  • Lewis Trotter, Research Associate | GIS
  • Chong Wei, Research Associate | Marine geophysics, Bioacoustics
  • Simon Wilde, John Curtin Distinguished Professor | Geochronology, Tectonics
  • Daniel Wilkes, Research Fellow | Marine geophysics
  • Dom Wolff-Boenisch, Senior Lecturer | Aqueous geochemistry, Environmental geology
  • Jianhong (Cecilia) Xia, Associate Professor | Geoinformatics, Transport geography

Adjunct Staff

  • S.M.Mahbubul Ameen, Visiting Research Fellow | Geochronology, Geochemistry
  • Gareth Baynam, Adjunct Associate Professor | Clinical genetics, Photogrammetry
  • Claire Charlton, Visiting Research Associate | Marine biology, Conservation
  • Binghan Chen, Visiting Research Associate | Metamorphic petrology, Phase equilibria
  • Bill Collins, Visiting Adjunct | Geodynamics, Petrology
  • Jane Cunneen, Adjunct Research Fellow | Basin evolution and Structural geology
  • Paul Greenwood,  Adjunct Research Fellow | Petroleum geochemistry, Organic geochemistry
  • Thi Hoa Pham, Visiting Research Fellow | Geoinformatics, Environment
  • Julie Hollis, Adjunct Researcher | Petrology, Geochronology
  • Pantea Hosseini, Adjunct Visiting Researcher | Addiction, Medical sciences
  • Marisa Ioppolo-Armanios, Adjunct Associate Professor | Environmental chemistry, Spectroscopy
  • Trudi Kennedy, Adjunct Research Fellow | Planetary science, Astronomy
  • Clem Kuek, Visiting Researcher | Applied microbiology, Biotechnology
  • Mervyn Lynch, Emeritus Professor | Environment, Remote sensing
  • Charlotte Mack, Adjunct Research Associate | Paleontology, Biostratigraphy
  • Gottfried Mandlburger, Visiting Research Associate | Photogrammetry, Geodesy
  • Darryl McMahon, Adjunct Research Fellow | Acoustics
  • Lynne Milne, Adjunct Research Fellow | Palynology, Botany
  • Ross Mitchell, Adjunct Research Fellow | Tectonics, Paleomagnetism
  • Tobias Muller, Visiting Research Fellow | Acoustics, Geophysics
  • Anita Murray, Visiting Research Fellow | Marine ecology, Bioacoustics
  • Chris Norman, Visiting Researcher | Planetary science, Mechatronics
  • Prabhat Pal, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow | Naval architecture, Ship design
  • John Penrose, Emeritus Professor | Marine acoustics, Sonar
  • Emily Peterman,  Adjunct Research Fellow | Nanogeoscience, Metamorphic petrology
  • Bob Pidgeon, Adjunct Professor | Geochronology, Isotope geochemistry
  • Amaury Pourteau, Adjunct Research Fellow | Metamorphic petrology, Tectonics
  • Andrew Putnis, Adjunct Professor | Mineralogy, Nanogeoscience
  • Marcos Rossi dos Santos, Adjunct Professor | Ecology, Marine biology
  • Chandra Salgado Kent, Research Associate | Marine ecology, Bioacoustics
  • Lorenz Schwark, Adjunct Professor | Petroleum geochemistry, Paleoenvironments
  • Justy Siwabessy, Adjunct Research Fellow | Marine acoustics, Biodiversity
  • Matthew Slivkoff, Adjuct Research Fellow | Remote sensing, Marine optics
  • Gregory Smith, Adjunct Professor | Sedimentary geology, Organic petrology
  • Christopher Spencer, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow | Tectonochemistry, Geochronology
  • Chris Swain, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow | Isostasy, Geodesy
  • Richard Taylor, Adjunct Research Fellow | Microscopy, Microanalysis
  • Peter Teunissen, Adjunct Professor | Geodesy, GNSS
  • Geoff West, Emeritus Professor | Photogrammetry, Spatial analysis
  • Weihua Yao, Adjunct Research Associate | Tectonics, Provenance
  • Nan Zhang, Adjunct Research Associate | Geophysics, Geodynamics
  • Allison Dugdale, Visiting Research Fellow | Ore deposits, Exploration geochemistry
  • Amy Parker, Adjunct Academic | Geodesy, Remote sensing
  • Charlotte Robinson, Adjunct Academic | Biological oceanography

Professional Staff

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