Undergraduate research projects

Students are welcome to choose any project from the four streams below, irrespective of their enrolled stream. Please get in touch with the prospective supervisor, and once agreement has been reached provide the details to the projects coordinator, Alec Duncan, at A.J.Duncan@curtin.edu.au.

Project units

  • Physics Project 1 – Core for all streams, available in both semesters
  • Physics Project 2 – Recommended elective for students with a CWA 65 or greater, available in both semesters
  • The preferred option is to take PP1 in semester 1 and PP2 in semester 2 and combine them into a single year-long project.
  • The choice of project may have a big influence on the direction of your career – so this is an important choice!

Project Assessment

  • End of semester report (40%)
  • Supervisor’s assessment of your performance (40%)
  • Oral presentation (PowerPoint or poster) (10%)
  • Written summaries of seminars you have attended (10%)
  • Fortnightly group meetings with supervisor (0%)

Project Selection Process

By the end of the second week in December:

  • Decide what projects you are interested in and go and talk to potential supervisors.
  • Negotiate the details of the project and get an undertaking from the supervisor that they are prepared to take you on.
  • Email Dr Alec Duncan with the title of your project, and the name of your supervisor
  • Please note that students who delay choosing their project to the Orientation week or later cannot be guaranteed that a desired project or supervisor will be available.

Current projects

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Materials Physics