Summer scholarships

The summer scholarships are intended for outstanding recently completed first, second and third year students wishing to undertake research experience aligned with their Physics Stream of interest.

These streams include:

  • Astrophysics
  • Applied Physics
  • Materials Science
  • Theoretical/Mathematical Physics

Examples of projects may be found at Third year and Honours projects. Please contact the potential supervisor to discuss the details.

The scholarship is to be completed over a flexible six week period, before the end of February with a A$3,000 stipend offered.

Application process

If you are taking the Physics Major, as a single or a double degree, and are interested in being considered for one of the Summer Scholarships, apply here.

Scholarships at Curtin

Scholarships are part of Curtin’s commitment to rewarding academic excellence, supporting research and enabling students from all backgrounds to realise their potential.

Scholarships are available for both commencing and current Curtin students. Scholarships are more than just financial support, they can enhance your portfolio of achievements.