School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences

We have built substantial knowledge in machine learning, cyber security, statistics and optimisation, digital transformation, radio astronomy, the internet of things, signal processing, embedded systems, renewable and power engineering.

The School offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across these areas, which give students the skills they need to tackle the challenges of the future.

We host research centres that are co-funded by industry which provide answers to demand-driven questions.

Our institutes concentrate on blue sky research – literally. The Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy is engaged with the world-leading Square Kilometre Array project and the Curtin Institute for Computation is employing artificial intelligence to advance data-driven research.

Research & Disciplines

Electrical EngineeringComputingMathematics & StatisticsPhysics & Astronomy
Curtin Institute for Radio AstronomyCurtin Institute for ComputationOptus-Curtin Centre of Excellence in Artificial IntelligenceCisco-Curtin Centre for Networks