Accepted abstracts

Corresponding Author NamePaper Title
Daniel HtweSolving the Iron Ore Optimisation Problem Using Blend Vectoring and Multi-Objective Production Scheduling
Gordon ThomasHeuristics vs Mathematical Programming Solvers in Stope Optimisation: A Performance Comparison
Hamidreza NouraliMining Capital Cost Estimation Using Artificial Intelligence Approach
Hamidreza NouraliSimultaneously Optimization of Mine and Mill Capacity in Open Pit Copper Mine
Kateryna MishchenkoDeveloping a Tool for Automatic Mine Scheduling Title
Hideki ShimadaEvaluation on the Instabilities of Stope Mining Influenced by the Risks of Slope Surface and Previous Mined-Out Activities
Hideki ShimadaApplication of Sodium Silicate Chemical Grouting to Tropical Regions
Morteza ParichehCrusher Location and Conveyor Network Planning in Multi-Pits and Multi-Plants Open Pit Mines
Morteza ParichehA New Search and Ranking Algorithm for Finding Candidate Crusher Locations Inside Open Pit Mines
Fallahi RahmanA Novel Model for the Evaluation of the Impacts of Integration of Production Scheduling Decisions in Open Pit Mining
Nieto AntonioDevelopment of a Socioeconomic Strategic Risk Index as an Aid for the Feasibility Assessment of Mining Projects and Operations
Basarir HakanOptimisation of Backfill Strength Using PSO
Fathollahzadeh KaroAn Application of an Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling Model with Grade Engineering
Rahman FallahiIntegrated Short-term and Long-term Production Scheduling Problem in Open Pit Mining Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithm
Brian Bino SinaiceApplication of Deep Learning Approaches in Igneous Rock Hyperspectral Imaging
Bunda BesaThe Socio-Economic Impact of Mine Closure on the Development of Rural Areas in Zambia: A Case Study of Lumwana Mine
Amory MumbaApplication of Synthetic Nets as an Enabler of Optimised Pit Slopes at Skorpion Zinc Mine
Shokofe RahimiGeostatistical Modeling of In-Situ Gas Content and its Uncertainty Using Sequential Gaussian Simulation
Sina AmirshenavaTop 10 Approaches to Keep Mining in a Sustainable Development Path
Mehrnoosh HeydariMining at 2050, Facts and Figures; Do We Teach and Research Suitable Subjects in our Mining Schools?
Farzad SotoudehEconomic and Environmental Impacts of Pre-Concentration in Underground Metal Mining
Hossein AbbaspourDetermination of Transition Time From Truck-Shovel to an IPCC System Considering Economic Viewpoint by System Dynamics Modelling
Hajime IkedaDevelopment of an Underground In-Situ Stress Monitoring System for Mining Safety Using Multi Sensor Cell and Wi-Fi Direct Technology
Alaba Olanrewaju ClementCorrelation of Blasting Performance with Crushing Time to Develop Energy Consumption Model
Andrea AgostiNovel Slope Design to Maximise Mining Project Value - the Marvin Deposit Case
Mohammad Javad RahimdelPrediction of Mining Railcar Remaining Useful Life
Qinghua GuBlock Aggregation Optimization Method Based on AHCP in Large-Scale Open Pit Mine Scheduling
Mahdi PouresmaieliA Valuation Approach to Investigate the Sustainability of Sorkhe-Dizaj Iron Mine of Iran
Hakan BasarirMaximisation of Raise Borer's Penetration Rate by Considering Rock Properties and Machine Operational Parameters
Blessing MudzingwaGroundwater Fingerprinting as an Effective Water Management Strategy - Minimised Open Pit Dewatering Costs and Improved Mine Profitability
Narendra K. NandaIntelligent Enterprise with Industry 4.0 for Mining Industry
George N. PanagiotouSimulating the Shovel and Truck System in Python using Salabim
Kateryna PollackTowards Low-Carbon Economy: A Business Model on the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Mining Industry
Konstantin VasinMeasurement of the Temperature of an Electromagnet Wire of an Electromagnetic Hammer for Destruction of Boulders
Tinashe TholanaAnalysis of Capital Allocation by Mining Companies
Sathish Kumar PalaniappanA Study on Rock Cutting Forces and Wear Mechanisms of Coated Conical Picks by Lab-Scale Linear Cutting Machine
Emmnuel KiambaLimestone Production Optimization by Fragmentation Control - Case Study of Bissel Quarry
Sergei SabanovRisk Estimation Approaches Considering Implementation of Automated Ventilation Systems into Kazakhstan Metal Mines
Ranajit DasOptimised Pit Scheduling Including In-Pit Dumps for Stratified Deposit
Oscar TrouchinaMaterial Handling Management in the Iron Ore Supply Chain Process to Meet Grade and Tonnage Requirements
Khairulla AbenA Novel Approach to Dump Truck Payload Capacity Optimization
Brian Chanda ChilubaSustainability of Community and Mine Workers Health in a Mining Context: A Rapid Review of Sustainable Development and Livelihoods
Simon DominyGeometallurgical Study of a High-Grade Narrow-Vein Operation
Ehsa MoosaviModeling Long-Term Production Scheduling Problem and its Solution Using a Meta-Heuristic Method
Mohammed Reza MoghaddamFirefly Algorithm Based Solution for the Long-Term Production Scheduling at Open Pit Mining
Joseph Muchiri GithiriaReview of Mathematical Models Applied in Open-Pit Mining
Hubert MakułatBarite in Sediments from Underground Waters of Hard Coal Mines of the Upper Silesian Coalfield (Poland)
Atac BascetinInvestigation of the Effects of Different Cover Material to Surface Paste Disposal Method for Pb-Zn Tailings by Pilot Scale Tests
Atac BascetinDetermination of the Optimal Mixture for Pb-Zn Tailings by CPB Method
Moshood OnifadeA Study of Wits-Ehac Tests on Coal Properties
Moshood OnifadeArtisanal and Small Scale Mining Influences on the Health of Personnel and Environment (A Case Study of Ikpeshi)
Takashi SasaokaEffect of Delay Time and Firing Patterns on the Size of Fragmented Rocks by Bench Blasting
Kelello ChabediThe Competitiveness of the South African Manganese Industry
Theresa MalisaMine Planning and Optimisation Techniques Applied in an Iron Ore Mine
Muhammad Ahsan MahboobSpatio-Temporal Change Detection of North Antelope Rochelle and Black Thunder Coal Fields of US using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Satellite Data
Mojtaba RezakhahPractical Performance
Hooman Askari-NasabA Simulation Model for Estimation of Mine Haulage Fleet Productivity
Pawel PydaAnalytical Process Automation with Use of SOA Services and Data Tools at KGHM
Roger ThompsonManaging a Western Australian Mining Road Network Using a Real-Time Road Condition Data
Viviane da Silva BorgesAnalysis of Coverage and Mobile Communication Capacity for Automation in Open-Pit Mines
Richard PriceMine Planning and Selection of Autonomous Trucks
Enrique JelvezImpact of Geological Uncertainty at Different Stages of the Open-Pit Mine Production Planning Process
Gembong WibowoImproving Reserve Conservation through Washing Process in Bauxite Mining
Gembong WibowoAnalysis of Sediment Pond Embankment Stability for Supporting Bauxite Mining Process
Amanda LirioMine Closure Legislation Influence on the Sustainable Development of a Mine Project
Bruna Oliveira Froes CanessoAnalysis of Physical Restrictions and its Impacts on Mineral Resources
Sergio MontaneOptimization and Sequencing a Semiautomated Ramp Design in Underground Mining: A Case Study
Nursultan IliyasAn Integrative Stochastic Approach for Uncertainty Quantification of Continuous-Categorical Variables
Dauletkha OrynbassarInvestigation of Uncertainties in Data Imputation Through Application of Sequential Co-Simulation
Hamid HamidMerganiUltimate Pit Limit Determination Considering
Hyongdoo JangIllumination of Contributing Parameters of Uneven Break in Narrow Vein Mine
Kamyar ToloueiSolution of Long-Term Production Scheduling Problem Using Hybrid Algorithm Under Grade Uncertainty
Ernest BaafiA Simulation Study of Underground Coal Mining Logistics and Roadway Development Performance
R. PriceMine Planning and Selection of Autonomous Trucks
Pedro Henrique Alves CamposHealth and Safety in Brazilian Mines: A Statistical Analysis
Augusto Ribeiro LagesDistribution of the Main Operational Costs Due to the Size of the Loading and Haulage Fleet: Brazilian Reality
Pedro Sanhuezo SotoOptimized Ramp Phase Design Methodology in Open Pit Mining
Ana Luiza Medeiros MoreiraComparison of Methods to Define the Final Pit - A Case Study
Pedro Benedito CasagrandeMulticriteria Analysis as a Fundamental Tool for Mineral Research. Case Study: Quadrilátero Ferrífero
Alexandr AnaniTop-Down Cut and Fill Mining Method at the Pervomayskiy Deposit of the Donskoy Mining and Beneficiation Complex
Ayhan DemirelInvestigation of Impacts of Percussive Blasthole Drilling on Productivity and Overall Drilling Economics
Hossein ParhoonA Hybrid Model for Tactical Mine Planning Focused on Processing Sequence Optimization
Golbasi OnurDiscrete-Event Simulation of a Maintenance Policy with Multiple Scenarios
Madani NasserBlock Modelling Based on Grade Domaining: Is it Reliable?
Ehsan MoosaviFirefly Algorithm Based Solution for the Long-Term Production Scheduling at Open Pit Mining
Madani NasserMineral Resource Classification Based on Uncertainty Measures in Geological Domains
Nhleko Mohammad AliAn Automated Underground Space Monitoring and Communication System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Anna Barbara GogolewskaSeismic Activity and Convergence in Deep Mining Field, Case Study from Copper Ore Mine, SW Poland