MPES2019 Committees

Chair MPES2019

Professor Erkan Topal


On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to come to Perth, Western Australia to attend 28th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection (MPES 2019) where the focus will be on the novel development and application of all aspects of mine planning as well as mining equipment.

The MPES 2019 local and international organising committee, composed of   distinguish experts within their respected fields and will ensure an outstanding level of content and presentations as well as exhibitions at the conference.

Western Australia is a major player in mineral commodities and Perth hosts regional and head offices for some of the world’s major mining companies. While in Australia for MPES 2019, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops, technical sessions as well as sightseeing tours.

We invite you to join us in Perth for MPES 2019 and have a fruitful and enjoyable experience.  See you in Perth, Australia.

Professor Erkan Topal

Conference Chair, MPES 2019


  • Prof. Hideki Shimada, Japan
  • Prof. Monika Hardygóra, Poland
  • Prof Morteza Osanloo, Iran
  • Prof. Cuthbert Musingwini, South Africa
  • Prof. Radoslaw Zimroz, Poland
  • Prof. Atac Bascetin, Turkey
  • Prof. Carsten Drebenstedt, Germany
  • Prof. Zhenqi Hu, China

International Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart, Chile
  • Prof. Peter Dowd, Australia
  • Prof. Ernest Baafi, Australia
  • Dr. Ian S Lowndes, England
  • Prof. Michael Hitch, Estonia
  • Dr. Asieh Hekmat Chile
  • Dr. N.K. Nanda India
  • Dr. Z. Bzowski, Poland
  • Dr. Carmen Mihaela Neculita, Canada
  • Prof. Josee Duchesne, Canada
  • Dr. Lidia Gawlik, Poland
  • Prof. Ge Hao, China
  • Prof. Liu Mingju, China
  • Prof. Giorgio Massacci, Italy
  • Prof. Toyoharu Nawa, Japan
  • Dr. Antonio Nieto, Australia
  • Dr. Bernadette O’Regan, Ireland
  • Ms. M. Singhal, Canada
  • Dr. Kristina Janeckova, CzechRepublic
  • Dr. Maria Menegaki, Greece
  • Prof. Svetlana V. Yefremova, Kazakhstan
  • Prof. A. B. Szwilski, U.S.A.
  • Prof. Vladimir Kebo, Czech Republic
  • Prof. Gennady G. Pivnyak Ukraine
  • Dr. Valentina Dentoni, Italy
  • Prof. Takashi Sasaoka, Japan
  • Dr. Gento Mogi, Japan
  • Dr. Mohan Yellishetty, Australia
  • Ms. Yanhua Fu, China
  • Prof. Celal Karpuz, Turkey
  • Dr. Joerg Benndorf, Netherlands
  • Prof. George N. Panagiotou, Greece
  • Prof. Nick Vayenas, Canada
  • Prof. Marilena Cardu, Italy
  • Dr. Sunniva Haugen, Norway- Sweden
  • Dr. Vidal Torres, Brazil
  • Prof. Andrea Brickey, USA
  • Prof. Youhei Kawamura, Japan
  • Prof. Murat Karakus, Australia
  • Prof. Ki-Bok Min, Korea
  • Prof. Hakan Basarir, Australia
  • Prof. Emmanuel Chanda, Australia
  • Dr. Bunda Besa, Zambia
  • Dr. Nelson Morales, Chile
  • Prof. Nuray Demirel, Turkey
  • Dr. Nasser Madani, Kazakhstan
  • Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Australia