Fieldwork Insurance Policies



Please review the Insurance Information on this page carefully as it contains important information regarding the approval and activation of insurance for curricular activities.

Review our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) responses below for more info on fieldwork, approval processes, and insurance information and use.

We advise users that the information contained on this page is specific to students studying in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Curtin staff are unable to advise on minimum wage awards or legislation, for support please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Curricular vs co-curricular placements

Curricular fieldwork (sometimes called vocational placements “placements”, internships, service learning, and etc) is conducted as part of a degree program. This may be for a unit of study or a graduation requirement, these requests are supported by the faculty / school who manage the students degree.

Co-curricular Fieldwork is not part of a students degree, it is a range of complementary skill development opportunities undertaken on a voluntary basis with community organisations. These requests are supported by the Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership Team who can be contacted on 9266 7802 or at Curtin Connect (Building 102, Bentley Campus).


Paid vs unpaid fieldwork

In order for a placement activity to be classed as Paid, the engagement for work must meet or exceed minimum wage legislation (this excludes stipends, allowances, completion bonuses and other financial exchanges falling short of minimum wage legislation). Any activity falling short of this definition is classed as unpaid fieldwork and must be insured under the university policy with formal approval being required.


Can fieldwork be both paid and unpaid?

No, due to our insurance arrangements the Faculty does not allow split format placements. Students must be engaged in either an unpaid, or paid capacity inline or exceeding the minimum wage standards for the work being undertaken.


Current vs non-current students

Current students are those who are enrolled and studying at Curtin at the time of the request and for the duration of the subsequent activity. Student on a Leave of Absence, recent Graduates and Alumni are not eligible for Curricular fieldwork support as they have transitioned out of the their active engagement with the faculty.


Our Insurance Policies

Curtin University holds two insurance policies (outlined below) which cover our current students undertaking unpaid activities, where these activities are related to their course of study and have been approved by the University.

  1. Volunteer Workers Group Personal Accident
  2. General And Products Liability Protection


Obligations under legislation for unpaid fieldwork

The Fair Work Ombudsman regulates unpaid fieldwork (vocational placements) under the Fair Work Act 2009, both students and organisations need to ensure they are aware of their obligations under the legislation prior to undertaking any activity to ensure breaches of the act do not occur. Please see the Fair Work Ombudsman unpaid vocational placements website for more information.


Requesting updated certificates of currency

Curtin’s updated Certificates of Currency will be available 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current certificates. Updated certificates of currency will be available directly from this page, we kindly ask our partners to access the updated documents from this site at their convenience from the listed date of expiration onward.


Formal Approval Process

Students submit their fieldwork review directly to the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) team to initiate the process, the team will undertake the necessary compliance checks and convey the actionable items needed from both the student and industry partner to approve the request. The student submits their request directly to the WIL team using our webform (see website), as either a “paid internship” or “unpaid internship” request for approval, respective to the offer made by the industry partner.

Formal approval is provided by email directly from the WIL team, no other forms of approval are authorised. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of an approval, please suspend the activity and contact the WIL team at or at +61 (08) 9266 1536.