eDNA Frontiers

eDNA Frontiers

Innovative technology solving complex environmental challenges through biodiversity profiling. 

A new and exciting venture, eDNA Frontiers has just been launched at Curtin University. This innovative initiative seeks to explore and build upon new environmental DNA (eDNA) technologies developed at Curtin University. Applications of eDNA exist across the oil/gas sector, environmental impact assessment, fisheries assessment, port monitoring and shipping. eDNA Frontiers has a wide research collaboration experience and continues to rapidly expand with a number of clients and partners in Australia and abroad.

Environmental DNA


DNA is ubiquitous in the environment and this property can be utilised for a variety of applications. Environmental DNA (eDNA) is a term that encompasses all of the DNA extracted from complex multi-species biological substrates such as water, biofoul, sediment or faecal material.

Testing environmental samples for the presence of DNA, removes the need to observe, collect and identify organisms, and instead provides a rapid and simultaneous assessment of entire communities across taxonomic groups from an environmental sample.

Analysis of eDNA using Metabarcoding and next generation sequencing (NGS) delivers a wealth of information for studies of biodiversity, food web dynamics, diet analysis and invasive species monitoring.

eDNA frontiers uses its expertise in isolating and characterising environmental DNA to address a variety of biological questions.

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