STEM at home

STEM tutorial videos

Whether you need a little extra help with those tricky chemical topics, or you need some tips to tackle some tough mathematical concepts, these Curtin STEM videos will help you with your studies.

STEM tutorial videos



Over 160 electronic kits were sent out FREE to our Curtin Curious newsletter subscribers .  From the feedback we got, parents and kids alike were very excited. If this sounds like something you want to do more of, then head to our friends and supporters at Altronics for some more STEM action at home.

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Astronomical!  You can star in science at home!

Epoch of Bubbles

This activity is an analogy of how reionisation occurs during the early Universe, and how we expect to observe it. It is not a perfect analogy, but is intended merely to give an idea of the concepts involved in an interactive and fun way. This activity is best suited to kindergarten and primary school aged children (ages 4 – 12).   Click here to see the start of a new universe.

Escape the CMB

ASTROFEST 2019 saw the premier of the “Escape the Cosmic Microwave Background Maze”; an activity for communicating the complex astrophysical concept of random chance in an engaging manner.  This activity is best suited to children in upper primary or middle school.  Resources and info here.

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citizen sc renae

Citizen Science from the comfort of your own home

All you need is some technology (mobile phone or internet), available time and interest – expertise and previous experience not necessary. As well as contributing to real and valuable scientific research, Citizen Science will offer you opportunities to gain new skills and engage with an online community. The Australian Citizen Science Association has a comprehensive list of both online and backyard citizen science projectsThere are plenty of options for you to find your new passion and purpose 

WARNING: Citizen Science can be highly addictive

What can I do?

dance pic

The (maths) rhythm is gonna get you 

So you are in the confines of your home and trying to stay healthy by exercising the mind and the body, well we’ve found a way to do both at the same time.

Dance Dance Transversal connects the video game Dance Dance Revolution with the maths concept of a transversal and the angles formed by it. Click the button below for a link to the website with a guide to the activity can be found and PowerPoint slide shows in the same style as Dance Dance Revolution set to music. 

Have fun exploring geometry with the music of Beyoncé and Mark Ronson 

you know you want to