Programs and events

Outreach event

Astrofest: 13 November 2021 Australia's largest star-gazing festival, held at Curtin Perth every summer
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Target audience: families

Astrofest is an award-winning celebration of astronomy and Western Australian science, held at Curtin Stadium on campus in Bentley. With telescope observing throughout the evening, guest speakers, space domes, science shows, exhibitor stalls, hands on activities, astrophotography competition and giveaways for the whole family.

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BASF Kids' Lab@Kalgoorlie: September 2021 Interactive and fun chemistry education program
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Target audience: year 4 – 6 students

Primary schools are encouraged to express their interest for their year 4 – 6 students to attend Curtin’s Kalgoorlie campus to take part in the BASF Kids’ Labs. They will discover the world of chemistry through simple, fun-filled experiments that showcase how chemistry plays a role in enriching our daily lives. Each ~2.5 hour session includes a talk about science, chemistry and safety, followed by hands-on chemistry activities in the university’s teaching labs.

Express your school’s interest now.

Binar-X Students get involved in the WA space exploration industry
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Target audience: high school students aged 12-17 years

Curtin and the State Government are supporting an initiative which will give the opportunity to WA school students to design and implement a cubesat payload to be launched in 2022 (BINAR-X).  This will give your students seats at the table of the global space industry.

What is a “cubesat” and what is a “Binar”? check this out

Binar-X (it’s current name) is a project being worked on by school leaders from a number of key schools in WA.  The project is in the early stages of development and more will be announced in Term 2, 2021.

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If you are keen to be involved in the work of putting it together, contact


CoderDojo@Curtin 2021 Coding club for 12 years+
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Target audience: students interested in coding

CoderDojo is a coding club for children with an interest in coding and programming. We aim to create an environment for like-minded people to meet and create some awesome things.

Curtin runs two CoderDojo chapters. One chapter is run  for children aged 12 years and older, the other chapter is targeted specifically towards children on the Autism spectrum.

CoderDojo@Curtin (Children 12 years+)

Sessions are guided by our Curtin student mentors, each studying computer science, software engineering or cyber security. This way Ninjas (children) can get the help of experienced guides to avoid the early pitfalls and get a leg up on obstacles, or learn alongside competent advisors. We also welcome parents interested in programming to come along and code alongside the children. CoderDojo@Curtin operates in the Curtin computer labs across eight Saturday mornings (9.30am to 11.30am) each semester.

Contact to register your interest.

AASQA Coder Dojo

Curtin’s Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance run a parallel chapter aimed at helping people on the autism spectrum to leverage their potential in computer programming, robotics, digital arts and more. Ninjas (participants) can learn coding with various computer languages, robotics skills using Lego Mindstorms and NAO humanoid robots, and/or electronics using Arduino.

Contact to register your interest.


DISCOVER: July 2021 Holiday STEM program
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Target audience: year 9 & 10 students

DISCOVER is three days of engaging, hands-on lab sessions and expert speaker presentations, along with information on studying at university and the many rewarding careers in STEM.

Our program is delivered by a team of friendly STEM-passionate people, from student leaders to our expert staff, and gives students the chance to meet a Curtin innovator and get an insight into their research.

Students can have fun whilst exploring the fields that are important to the State of WA: mining and energy; health and medical science; agriculture and environment; space and technology.

Event details

Date:         7 – 9 July 2021
Time:        8.45am to 4.30pm daily
Cost:         $160* (includes GST)
Venue:      Curtin University Bentley campus
Bookings: Here

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*DISCOVER is a non-residential program and the cost does not include accommodation, and travel to and from the program. Lunch is provided on the Friday only.

Engineers Without Borders Interactive workshops in humanitarian engineering
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Target audience: high school students aged 13-18 years

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a non-profit community engineering organisation focused on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate solutions worldwide.

Our Curtin University chapter offers free high school workshops aimed at igniting students’ interest in humanitarian engineering and sustainable development through interactive, hands-on activities in the classroom. Sessions are guided by Curtin student volunteers studying various streams of engineering.

We currently offer 3 kinds of workshops to school groups: Renewable Energy, Prosthetic Limbs, Appropriate Housing. Students get to create their own solutions to the problems using common household materials. All required materials will be provided by us.

Contact for more details on workshops or to make a school group booking (flexible).

FIRST Lego League Teams build, test and program an autonomous robot
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Target audience: students aged 9-16 years

Teams of up to ten students design and build a Lego robot, and undertake a research project culminating in interschool and state competitions.Regional and State finals will occur in Term 4.

Named as a finalist for the Chevron Science Engagement Initiative of the Year in the 2020 Premier’s Science Awards.

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FIRST Robotics Competition Join the pre-season this coming Spring
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Target audience: high school students aged 13-18 years

FIRST Robotics Competition is a large-scale robotics competition, FIRST® Robotics brings together students and mentors to build robots that perform in a competitive but gracious environment against teams from across Australia.

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Focus on Mining Camp: October School Holidays 2021 Experience career and study options in mining
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Target audience: year 10-12 students from WA schools

The Focus on Mining Camp is a five-day residential camp for high school students to experience what it’s like to study and work in the mining industry in WA. You’ll get to tour mine sites, participate in hands-on workshops and meet industry leaders.  The program targets students in Year 10, 11 or 12 who have an interest in science or engineering, and would like an introduction to the mining and resources sector.

Students from throughout WA are welcome to apply and support is available for regional students to take part.

The camp is free with all travel, meals and accommodation provided thanks to the support of industry and the WA School of Mines.

Contact for more details or apply here.

Geology presentations for high schools Invite a researcher to inspire your students
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Target audience: high school students.

Our geology staff at Curtin University are available to present on selected topics at your school.

Please see their research interests below and contact the speakers directly.

Aaron Cavosie – Geologist and planetary scientist whose research interests include studying meteorite impact craters in Australia and elsewhere, and how they affect Earth. He teaches igneous petrology – the process that makes volcanoes, granites, lava flows, and other cool rocks formed at high temperatures

Denis Fougerouse – Research interests cover several aspects including nanoscale geochemistry (really small observations), ore deposit research (economically juicy), and geochronology (finding the age of rocks and minerals).

Fred Jourdan – Researcher and director of the Western Australia Argon Isotope Facility laboratory (they date rocks). His research interests cover all areas of argon geochronology and isotope geochemistry applied to a variety of geological processes. Other interests include volcanology and impact cratering processes on Earth, the moon, Mars and the asteroid belt. He is also involved in understanding the role of massive eruptions and large impact on mass extinctions.

Hugo Olierook – Has broad expertise in tectonics, mineral systems, geochronology, isotope geochemistry and basin analysis. His primary focus is designing, executing and managing geochronology and geochemistry projects for the mining and mineral exploration industry.

Katy Evans – Geologist and geochemist whose research interests range from subduction zones to mineral systems to surface processes to formation and evolution of the Earth.

Milo Barham – A fossils- and sediments-enthused Earth Scientist interested in reconstructing how our planet’s surface and its environments have evolved through time and how these changes link to deeper Earth processes.

Raiza Quintero – Geologist and PhD student at the Space Science and Technology Centre. Her research consists of studying several Australian meteorite impact craters related to economic deposits. Other topics of interest include a wide variety of topics; basing analysis, field mapping, igneous petrology, and geochemistry.

Taryn Scharf – PhD student within the Timescales of Mineral Systems research group. Her work applies geocomputing to the deconvolution of mineral grain histories. She uses statistical tools, in conjunction with deep neural networks, to quantitatively model the relationships between zircon shape and environmental factors.

Girls Engineering Tomorrow Inspiring and supporting girls to study engineering
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Target audience: year 11 female students

The Girls Engineering Tomorrow (GET) program targets senior secondary students studying high-level maths and offers them mentoring support, and exposure to engineering activities, courses, role models and careers.

The program is an intensive out-of-school course of 10 sessions of 2.5 hours run fortnightly over the school terms two and three at Curtin’s Bentley campus.

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Great Science Share for Schools Launching an international campaign in Australia in 2021
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Target audience: WA primary schools

The Great Science Share for Schools (GSSfS) is an international campaign that invites students to share their own scientific questions and investigations, raises the profile of science in schools and communities, and inspires young people into science and engineering.

It involves students investigating their own scientific questions and coming together at an event on the campaign day on the 21st June to share their scientific questions with each other and special guests. The campaign also supports teachers in developing skills and confidence in teaching children to work scientifically by providing a range of resources.

In 2021 we’ll be launching the inaugural Australian event to support this international campaign.

Contact STEM Outreach for more details.

Indigenous Australian Engineering School: July 2021 Gain insights into the world of engineering
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Target audience: Indigenous students in years 9, 10, 11 or 12.

The Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES) is a five-day residential program. It involves a wide range of activities for students to discover how amazing engineering really is. Participants will meet engineers and hear about the possibilities both in the metro area and in the regions. Students will also experience university life while on campus at Curtin, interact with industry professionals through networking sessions and career expos and visit the sites of Perth shaped by engineers.

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Mining and the Lands Experience career and study options in mining
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Target audience: Indigenous female students in years 9, 10, 11 or 12

Curtin University, Ashanti Gold Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of WA have partnered to bring a unique opportunity to WA Indigenous high school girls.

Mining and the Land is a five-day residential tour for the girls to experience what it’s like to study and work in the mining industry in WA.  Participants  tour operational mine sites in the Southwest, visit Curtin University, participate in hands-on workshops, and meet lecturers, students and mining industry leaders.

The camp is free with all travel, meals and accommodation provided thanks to the support of Anglo Gold Ashanti and Curtin University.

When: 15-19 April 2021

Cost: Free

If you are interested in this camp, contact

National Science Week: 14-22 August 2021 Australia's annual celebration of science and technology
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Target audience: STEM-curious Australians.

Get involved in National Science Week by attending one of the many events around the state.

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Physics and Astronomy presentations for high schools Invite a researcher to inspire your students
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Target audience: high school students.

The Physics and Astronomy staff at Curtin University are available to present on selected topics at your school.

Please see the list of topics and contact the speakers directly.

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Robo Academy 2021 Keep your kids engaged with Robo action during the school holidays
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Target audience: ages 8-15 years.

Kids love robots, and we love kids who love robots. That’s why we are running workshops every school holiday break this year:

  • 5th & 6th July, 8th & 9th July
  • 2nd & 3rd October (weekend session)

Robo Academy explores the fun of using LEGO MINDSTORMS. Each workshop runs for 2 days, from 10am to 3pm. BYO Lunch.

Workshops are run by Curtin FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) mentors and students, and all money raised goes towards the Curtin FRC 2021 Season.

  • Beginner class – $120
  • Intermediate class – $150

Find out more here or contact Tim Keely at  mob: 0401 103 520

WA Robotics Competition 2021 The 1st WA Robotics Competition of its kind - THIS YEAR!

For many years, those in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) community around WA have dreamed about getting our own event.

This year, 2021, will be that year!

Details are still being confirmed, but we can say that the Curtin Stadium is booked for 21-22 August and people are getting excited.

We will be using this Eventbrite page as the home page for information while we gather all our resources.  Or for easy memorisation, the bitly link is

If you want to know more about this, particularly if you want to get a team ready for this innaugural comp – which will cost you around $2500 for parts etc – then email Tim Keely

STEM School Incursions/Excursions Limited spots available for Term 2 and Term 3
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Target audience: year 6+

Inspire your class with a school visit from the STEM Outreach team; hear from current STEM Curtin students and participate in a range on hands on activities.

Contact STEM Outreach for more details and for booking requests.