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Curtin students and researchers

Share your passion for science, technology, engineering or mathematics with the community. You may wish to consider volunteering at one of our events, or getting involved in one of our ongoing programs.

See our Programs and Events to find out what you can get involved in or sign up for any future opportunities.


Find a student club

Curtin has a wide range of student clubs, many with a STEM focus.  From engineering to biomedicine, computer science to hackerspaces there’s a club for most interests. Check out the guild website to find a club that suits.


Teachers and parents

Curtin University has a wide range of useful resources to help teachers and parents instil a love of science in their children.

See the list of upcoming programs and activities to participate in.



We’re always keen to work with partners and collaborators to extend the reach of our STEM work.

If you’re interested in supporting STEM in your community please contact STEM Outreach.



The Learning Futures Network

The Learning Futures Network is a network of forward-thinking organisations, of both school and non-schools, whose thought leaders are working together to:

  • improve outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing a future of life-long learning through powerful and smart use of learning technologies ;
  • use their collective voice to advance positive change across all sectors of education;
  • collaborate with businesses, community, government, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading education thinkers and to advocate, test and assess new future-focussed approaches to teaching and learning

Curtin invites interested schools to become members of the Learning Futures Network by visiting and completing the linked application form.

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Professional Learning Hub – Curtin University School of Education

If you are a teacher or educational professional who would like to learn how to make a greater positive impact on your students, school and community while enhancing your knowledge then you could benefit from our tailored workshops and events.

Our innovative, practical and research-based workshops aim to build and facilitate better educational outcomes for the community by positively influencing individuals across the education system.

We engage educators by offering high-quality professional learning workshops, networking sessions and presentations which are delivered by the School of Education academics and a limited number of carefully chosen external providers.

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