Get involved

Curtin students

Share your passion for science, technology, engineering or mathematics with the community. You may wish to consider volunteering at one of our events, or getting involved in one of our ongoing programs, or join one of Curtin’s student clubs.

Volunteer opportunities


Help make a robot in 6 weeks

Watch video about Curtin students and high school students working together:

Recruiting in July 2019.

Find a club

Curtin has a wide range of student clubs, many with a STEM focus.  From engineering to biomedicine, computer science to hackerspaces there’s a club for most interests. Check out the guild website to find a club that suits.

Teachers and Parents

Curtin University has a wide range of useful resources to help teachers and parents instil a love of science in their children.

Click here to see list of upcoming programs and activities to participate in.


We’re always keen to work with partners and collaborators to extend the reach of our STEM work.

If you’re interested in supporting STEM in your community please get in touch via