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Dr Lei Cui – Biorobotics Engineer

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Ever wondered what a biorobotics engineer looks like? Then look no further than the head of biorobotics research at Curtin himself, Dr Lei Cui. Whether it be 3D cameras, drones, or exoskeletons, Lei Cui is always eager to be on the cutting edge of robotics. Dr Lei Cui has a long documented history of solving difficult problems, including creating a robotic arm that could use a key on a key lock without collisions. Lei Cui continues to follow other great minds, such as Albert Einstein, to further advance the exciting world of robotics.

Research Summary

Currently, Dr Lei Cui is hard at work on the next generation of exoskeletons and robotic imitations of wildlife. From robotic fingers to robot fish that can swim, the biorobotics team are paving the way for future researchers. Even students are chipping in with AmBot, an amphibious robot that can move on water and land. More recently, the biorobotics team have developed a fully functioning robot arm that can find an orange ball hidden underneath several blue balls.

Three Research Problems

  • How can we make a robot that can navigate over obstacles when it can’t move around them?
  • How can we make a robot that can play Discus Throw?
  • How can a robot ride a bike while keeping its balance?

Curtin’s Biorobotics Projects

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Additional Resources

Curtin Biorobotics YouTube channel

Lego Mindstorms EV3 sensors (HINT: the gyroscope is needed for all three problems!)

Presentation Tips: –

  • Focus on how your idea is novel.
  • Emphasis your understanding of the code.

Discus Throw video:

Dr Lei Cui Staff Profile

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