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Dr Kevin Netto – Exercise, Sport, and Rehabilitation Scientist

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Dr Kevin Netto has always been fascinated by the mechanics of movement. Starting at a young age, Kevin spent his free time creating to scale models of cars, integrating electronics into mechanical systems, and doing wheelies with dune buggies until they broke. After spending time as a stint engineer for the Singapore military, Kevin realised there’s more to life than mechanical engineering. After a drastic career change, Kevin now works as a sports scientist with a background in both mechanical engineering and human biology. This dual specialisation lends to an increased focus on the importance of adapting machines to humans, instead of thinking of humans as machines.

Research Summary

Using his double specialisation of mechanical engineering and sports science, Kevin has tuned his focus towards the rehabilitation of those with physical injuries and the digital modelling of athletes’ movements. Environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, shock, vibrations, and various loads, only further excite Kevin as these conditions creating varied and interesting challenges. To measure our athletes’ movements accurately, Kevin takes advantage of cutting edge machine learning techniques, meaning all the data collected is rigorously analysed to provide maximum insight. By concentrating on the exact movements of human muscles during physical activities, particularly in challenging environment, Kevin continues to further advance our understanding of redundancies and inefficiencies in our athletes’ performances.

Three Research Problems

  • How can we track the complete vertical ascend and descend of someone jumping?
  • How do we track the complete speed history and maximum speed of someone running?
  • What sensors can we use to track the movement of a body part while swimming?

Sports Science and Biomechanics

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Additional Resources

Lego Mindstorm EV3 sensors

Presentation Tips: –

  • Who would it be used for?
  • Do a cost comparison
  • Focus one what can be learned (e.g. attack and defence tactics)

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