Curtin Researcher Profiles – FLL 2020 Innovation Project

Are you looking for inspiration for your Innovation Project for FLL 2020?  These researchers have suggested ideas that you can investigate.  Check them out below.

Dr Lei Cui

Dr Lei Cui

  • Creating exoskeletons
  • Creating robots which imitate wildlife
Robotics can be used in sport and give us more opportunities to move in ways we previously could not!

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Associate Professor Daniel Gucciardi

  • Exploring mental resilience
  • Measuring stress levels in athletes
Many people have mental barriers which impact their sporting performance. Lets help them power through!

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Associate Professor Kevin Netto

Associate Professor Kevin Netto

  • Measuring what the human body is capable of in different environments
  • Optimising human movement and performance
If we can optimise how our bodies move, we can improve sporting performance!

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Dr Leanda McKenna

  • Exploring how teenagers get sporting injuries
  • Analysing how a changing physical load may affect the onset of injuries
If we can discover what causes sporting injuries, then we can start to avoid them and stay active for longer!

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Dr Lynn Jensen

  • Studying how disabilities affect movement in children
  • Analysing the benefit of sport programs which cater to children with disabilities
Creating programs for children with disabilities allows more kids to participate in sport!

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Dr Sian Williams

  • Works with children with cerebral palsy
  • Working towards an earlier diagnosis so treatment can be given earlier
Children with cerebral palsy want to play sport too! So let’s help get them treatment.

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Dr Eleanor Quested

  • Encourages people to have active and healthy lifestyles
  • Using people’s love of football to get middle aged men more active
Getting involved in sport can create healthier habits for life! So let’s target those who need to improve their health. 

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