STEM Outreach

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is committed to providing opportunities for future scientists and engineers as well as their educators to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and spark their excitement for science and engineering.

With workshops, camps, excursions, incursions and competitions for students and teachers, the Outreach program aims to get more young people interested in science and engineering.

So whether you are a student, a teacher or a family, Curtin has a range of Outreach events, programs or videos uncovering the amazing possibilities in science and engineering:

  • Teachers can undertake professional development or explore the full range of Outreach excursions, workshops and events available.
  • Families can take part in one of our Community Outreach programs to ignite their child’s interest in science and engineering.
  • Students who need help with chemistry or maths, can view Outreach videos by our passionate academics.

School excursions – visiting Curtin

By visiting Curtin you can view state-of-the art facilities including scanning electron microscopes, chemistry labs and Curtin Aquatic Research Labs. Students can also experience demonstrations and take part in hands-on activities and lab sessions. If you would like to have a whole day visit, then we can recommend sites on campus where you can source lunches and snacks.

School incursions – we visit you

A visit from the Outreach teams can be tailored to your needs, and generally involves interactive science or engineering demonstrations.

We can provide:

  • Talks from current Curtin university students
  • Interactive presentations on what university is all about and an inside look into the day in a life of a university student.
  • Hands-on activities on a range of subjects including but not limited to: Physics, Geocaching, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and team building.
  • Science demonstrations

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Curtin Curious Mailing List

The Science and Engineering Faculty has a number of WA schools, educators and interested community members who are part of the Curtin Curious Program. By joining up with Curtin Curious we are able to regularly contact those people who would like to receive information about Curtin Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Outreach activities, offers and other relevant news.

If you would like to join our list, you can sign up here.