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Mine and Engineering Surveying

Surveying is the science of measuring the surface of the Earth and its features. Mine and Engineering Surveying are specialist areas of modern day surveying.

Mine Surveyors measure underground and open-cut mines in detail. Their surveys help mining companies locate new mines safely, avoiding older mines, and allow connections to be made between different underground passages.

In addition, the mine surveyor is also legally responsible for the preparation and updating of all mine surveying plans for open pit and underground workings.

Mine surveying

The engineering surveyor plays a key role in the construction industry to ensure that the location, in three dimensions, of all civil engineering works are placed in their correct position and orientation. Engineering surveying generally precedes all types of construction associated with roads and bridges, tunnels, buildings, industrial plants and hydraulic engineering.

Tunnel surveying

The first two years of the course are taught at the Bentley Campus, while your third year is taught at Curtin’s Western Australian School of Mines campus in Kalgoorlie with exposure to real-world environments and practices.

See Bachelor of Science (Mine and Engineering Surveying) for full course details.

Fast fact

  • Our Mine and Engineering Surveying program remains without equal in Australia after 100 years.