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Our research

The Spatial Sciences Department is an acknowledged leader for research of international significance in the areas of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), geodesy, photogrammetry and laser scanning, and geographic information systems and remote sensing.

The Department is a core participant in the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI), a major national collaborative research effort with industry, government and academia.

Significant projects in recent years

  • Theory, models and methods for high accuracy, high integrity GNSS positioning
  • Array-aided Precise Point Positioning (APPP) for formation flying
  • Global and regional geoid modelling, culminating in the national standards AUSGeoid98 and AUSGeoid09
  • Sea level variability on global, regional and local scales
  • Rapid assessment and monitoring of vegetation degradation and rangelands conditions using remote sensing and GIS
  • Spatial data management and geovisualisation for health, megacities, river basins
  • Participatory GIS for empowering developing communities
  • Photogrammetry and laser scanner based data acquisition and processing
  • Extraction from mobile mapping systems for transport corridor asset management