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Applied Geology

The Department of Applied Geology is a major provider of skilled graduates to the minerals, petroleum, groundwater and environmental industries in Australia and overseas, and undertakes high-impact fundamental and applied research across a range of disciplines.

Applied Geology

The practical emphasis and comprehensive content of our undergraduate courses attracts students of all ages and backgrounds from Australia and overseas. Our location in Western Australia and industry links make Curtin an outstanding choice for an honours degree. Our postgraduate coursework degrees improve career options for geoscience graduates and allow graduates in other disciplines to move into geoscience careers. With an impressive suite of facilities and expertise, and a range of funding from academic and industry sources, we undertake research projects all over the world in most fields of geoscience.

Career Opportunities

The earth is a laboratory for geologists, as growing population require more resources and humans become more concerned about their impact on the plant. Many graduates work in the mineral and petroleum industries, with some working in groundwater and environment geology.

You will also be well placed to work in applied geology roles around the world. These roles may be in a large organisation or mining company, or a consultancy firm.

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WASM Alumni

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WASM Alumni support all graduates who have studied within the School. They also offer networking, mentoring and scholarships for current students.

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