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Our research

Computing at Curtin has an active research program with a large and growing band of PhD students. Several researchers in the Department are well known internationally for contributions to their fields. The Department of Computing is active in research and has a full graduate program. Areas of research include:

  • Large Scale Pattern Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Parallel and Distributed computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Management

Intelligent Robots Group

We are a recently established and growing group dedicated to the development and improvement of the next generation of intelligent machines.

A focus of our work is on machines that can not only perform complex tasks that are beyond the abilities of humans to program, but that can also convey information about the world, explain their actions and justify their decisions in terms that humans can understand.

Advances in sensing and perception, machine learning, autonomous task planning, software engineering, graphics and user interface design will allow the robots and autonomous systems of the future to work alone and alongside humans to solve many of the major challenges facing humanity.

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