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Honours program

Towards the end of the first semester in third year, high performing students may be invited to join the Honours program in fourth year leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (Honours). The successful applicants will take a different pathway in year four from those in the pass degree. As part of their program of study, these students will conduct a major project that will continue across two semesters.

Why study honours? The honours program is only offered to students with an outstanding academic record

Bachelor Honours Degrees prepare students to develop advanced knowledge and skills for professional work, research and further learning corresponding to AQF level 8 qualifications.

Admission requirements Application considered on the basis of your academic record

Admission to an honours stream is determined by the Department of Chemistry academic team (led by the Discipline Leader) by invitation only to high performing students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Honours).

Course structure The honours program is completed in one year full time study

  • one-year full-time study
  • an independent research project structured across two units of study

Research project Provides evidence of the student's ability to undertake original research

The research project develops a student’s core research skills including experimental design, data collection and analysis, critical scientific analysis and reporting. The completion of the project demonstrates to potential employers an ability to work on one’s own, and plan and carry out a complex body of work within defined deadlines.