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TESS European Summer School

Eleven Curtin Engineering students travelled over to Sweden, Spain and Turkey to attend the TESS European Summer School on Sustainability and Economics for Engineers.

The program comprised of lectures, daily student group work and presentations, and weekly site visits. The program was taught in collaboration with six leading European Universities in Budapest (BUTE), Istanbul (ITU), Sweden (KTH), Paris (SUPELEC), Trento (UNITN) and Madrid (UPM) and taught in real-time via the interest to the various classrooms around Europe. This year there were additional classrooms in Saint Petersburg, Russia and in Sri Lanka.

Site visits for students in Madrid were to Solar Cell Laboratories and Solar Power Facilities, and to a Solar Energy Company.

“This (visit to Solar Energy Company) was definitely one of the highlights of the program for me to gain first-hand experience and insight into the operations of a big renewable energy corporation.””

Adela Annamalay, Chemical Engineering student

“The group presentations at the end of the day were very beneficial as they provided students with an opportunity to improve our presentation skills as we were only given roughly 2 hours to prepare a presentation every day, this also provided us with valuable time management skills.”

Kameel Ismail, Mechanical Engineering Student

“I would recommend the program in Sweden to other Curtin students. It is a great opportunity to have an overseas study experience without the need to spend an entire semester on exchange or the need to save and spend more money.”

Adrian Hansen, Chemical Engineering student