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Siberian Summer School

Since their inaugural program in 2011, Tomsk State University has hosted Curtin students at every International Summer School program they run. Over the years, 19 Curtin students have had the opportunity to experience the wonder and beauty that is Siberia.

The 3 week International Summer School program with Tomsk State University, took students, staff and environmental experts from around the globe on a 1200km journey from Tomsk to Aktru, in the Altai Mountains.  The groups have travelled through urban and rural areas of Western Siberia where they experienced the history, culture and incredible beauty of the land and its people. Students also had the opportunity to observe first-hand, the impacts of climate change on the natural environment around the Altai Mountains. The program has included attendees from Finland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, USA, The Netherlands, Australia and other countries.

“Living in Western Australia we only ever hear about the Artic, glaciers, northern forests and the effects of climate change on the region but to be able to see the effects first hand and to have at our fingers experts in many different fields working in a common environment was something to be envied by colleagues back home.”

Honours student King Yin Lui, Department of Environment and Agriculture