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Sarawak exchange program


“This semester I got a last minute opportunity to go on exchange, long after I had given up on the thought of ever living out that fresher dream. I never thought I had a chance of getting approved for exchange and with the whole process of trying to match up with my degree, Petroleum Engineering and previously Mining, it all seemed a bit too difficult. It wasn’t until the legend also known as the mobility officer, Trish Ransfield suggested I look at Miri, home to Curtin University’s Sarawak Malaysia campus. I thought, Malaysia what’s there? After a bit of Google mapping I discovered it was in the west coast of Borneo. Snug smack bang in the middle of Indonesia and the Philippines, a hop skip and a jump across the gulf from Thailand and Cambodia; not a bad spot if you ask me.

My whole experience in Miri was overwhelmingly comfortable, it immerses you in an utterly different culture and allows you to step out of your comfort zone while always having the option of stepping back in. It’s a place that makes it possible to get lost on a remote jungle safari while only being a couple hours from home. You essentially get to regulate your journey to suit your own level of adventure every step of the way. Most unit coordinators are in Bentley and the course content is all exactly the same, so the transition process is entirely stress-free. You can eat like a king, wear shorts and a T-shirt year round and shoot off to insane tropical islands and bucket list destinations for only a couple dollars. If you are struggling to find a point of difference on the resume, or just could do with a change up from grinding through a semester, I would certainly recommend a look at Curtin University’s Sarawak campus. Did I mention 6 months of no work? It’ll be the most relaxed 100 credits you’ll ever do.”

— John Lyall, current engineering student