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Energy sustainability in China

What an adventure! Ten engineering students ventured on a three week Energy Sustainability Study Tour to China visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Yichang to learn about the technologies employed in the production of clean energy.

Activities included visits to a nuclear research facility, to China’s largest offshore wind farm, to the most efficient coal fire plant in the world, and to the Three Gorges Dam project which is a massive hydro-electric facility.  The group also enjoyed language, culture and history classes, and getting to know Chinese students through social and sports events. A wonderful time was had by all. From amazing food to amazing sights – including a visit to the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and other historic sites.

“I have no doubt in saying that my experiences had a positive influence in all areas including my personal and engineering views. Being able to see world class engineering projects as well as learning first hand from the project engineers was an opportunity I am grateful for and something I would never have been able to do if not for the trip.”

Kenneth Young, Mechanical Engineering Student