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Chonnam National University

Chonnam University
Photo provided by Chonnam National University

Chonnam National University in South Korea hosted an International Summer School and 13 Curtin Science and Engineering students jetted over to Gwangju to take part in the fun and intellectual experience. The program was 3.5 weeks in duration and incorporated classes and cultural excursions.  Students stayed on campus and had buddies to help them adapt and feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Some of the students’ feedback and comments are as follows:

“I found the summer program to Chonnam University to be very interesting and insightful into the cultural and societal behaviour of the Korean people. ”

Paul Leeson

“I was unaware eating in Korea was such a special event. The meal is eaten slowly and is supposed to be a social occasion, where you talk about the day and have a drink with friends, family, and colleagues. ”

Duncan Phillips

“There were at-least 100 students participating from countries including; Russia, France, Poland, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course Korea! My personal highlight would have to be the general experience in that we all had the ultimate opportunity to make friends of a life time with people from all over the globe! ”

Emily Kendall

“Overall, the CNUISS program was a worthwhile experience that I would never forget and if I could I would definitely go again. I made many good friends, learnt about many different walks of life and broadened my perspective in life. I would definitely recommend this program to other Curtin students because they would gain so much from this experience and these are experiences that they would not want to miss out on. ”

Andy Kwan

“The international summer session was a life changing experience. ”

Crystal Bartsch