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Undergraduate courses

Chemical or ‘process’ engineering involves finding the best sequence of chemical and physical processing operations, and the right operating conditions, to convert raw materials into high-value products.

A great variety of process industries serve the needs of society, such as gas processing, oil refining, petrochemicals, polymers, minerals processing and metals, agrochemicals, high-performance materials used in the automotive and aerospace industries, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and the emerging bio engineering and biotechnology industry. After you complete the Engineering Foundation Year you can specialise in General Chemical Engineering or Oil and Gas.

“Engineering at Curtin has given me the power and tools to change the world and make a positive difference for so many people. Curtin didn't just teach me through textbooks and theory, but through practical problems and projects. The course encouraged teamwork and getting to know people, which is why I now have friends in so many companies disciplines. ”

Nethra Nair, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering), Bachelor of Science (Extractive Metallurgy) double degree