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2015 Curtin Robofair

The Dean of Engineering at Curtin University would like to thank everyone who attended Robofair 2015. On behalf of Curtin Engineering Outreach, a special thank you to all the exhibitors, participants and volunteers that attended the event and made it such a success.

Why should I come to Robofair?

  • do you love robots?
  • do you want to know about the “Rise of the everyday robot”?
  • did you watch in awe as the Mars rover landed on the Red Planet?
  • have you always had a fascination for electronics and computers?
  • did you love Transformers the movie but don’t think it’s really possible?
  • do you think we should be constantly improving technology and creativity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should come to Robofair!


Register on the day for a great range of prizes.

Exhibitor Registration

Details on this Exhibitor Registration will be given at a later date

Photos from Curtin Robofair 2015

Curtin Robofair 2015
Dad and son at Curtin Robofair 2015
Kids at Curtin Robofair 2015

Robofair 2016

Would you like to be kept informed about Robofair 2016?

Want more information?

Mr. Tim Keely
Engineering Outreach Coordinator
Telephone: +61 8 9266 7884