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Citizen Science programs

Find all the information on the latest Citizen Science programs and events below, you can also find further information on our major Outreach programs and Teacher Professional Development programs.

Outreach program

Citizen Science Programs

Fireballs in the Sky Ongoing

Target Audience: General public, teachers, students.

Fireballs in the Sky is a multi-award-winning, innovative Australian citizen science program that connects the public with the research of the Desert Fireball Network. This research aims to understand the early workings of the solar system and Fireballs in the Sky invites families, students and teachers to learn about this science, contributing fireball sightings via a user-friendly app and enhancing curriculum outcomes with real-world STEM applications.

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Mildew Mania Program May-November

Target Audience: Year 1-12

Schools can help with an ongoing, free citizen-science project aimed at protecting West Australian barley crops from the powdery mildew disease. Schools receive an experiment pack which includes seeds to grow and ‘catch’ local mildew spores which is then sent to the Curtin University Scientists to analyse. This experiment links into the year 1 to 10 student curriculum.

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