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  • New cyber shield takes out Curtinnovation Awards

    An innovative software shield developed by Curtin University researchers that prevents increasingly common cyber security attacks has been crowned the overall winner in the 2017 Curtinnovation Awards.

  • ‘Sling-shot’ show for NASA spacecraft over Australia

    Stargazers will be treated to a rare skyshow when NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ‘sling-shots’ its way over Australian skies on September 23.

  • Southern right whale numbers on the rise in the Great Australian Bight

    Southern right whale numbers are on the increase with the long-term population monitoring study through Curtin University recording over 200 whales in the Great Australian Bight, South Australia during this year’s calving season.

  • Singing fish no tall tale


    Creatures of the sea hold many mysteries, not least of all fish. Far from being silent entities of the ocean, some species of fish have been recorded singing, and their songs can help researchers to understand more about their biodiversity and ecosystems.

  • Curtin honours its distinguished academics

    Resources Precinct

    Curtin University has recognised the distinguished service of two of its professors by awarding them the highest honour the University can award its academic staff.


  • More dates

    An opportunity for those who've shared in the WAIT and Curtin journey to celebrate what makes our university unique.

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