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  • Astronomers hazard a ride in a ‘drifting carousel’ to understand pulsating stars

    Pulsar signal

    What sounds like a stomach-turning ride at an amusement park might hold the key to unravelling the mysterious mechanism that causes beams of radio waves to shoot out from pulsars − super-magnetic rotating stars in our Galaxy.

  • Star in closest orbit ever seen around black hole

    Black hole

    Astronomers have found evidence of a star that whips around a likely black hole twice an hour. This could be the tightest orbital dance ever seen by a black hole and a companion star in our own Milky Way galaxy.

  • Curtin to lead WA node of agriculture and food industry CRC

    Students at work in glasshouse

    Curtin University is set to play a key role in the $160 million Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) established to fast-track the digital transformation of Australia’s food industry.

  • New research ‘rocks’ long-held geological theory

    New research into ancient rocks in Western Australia contradicts the commonly held belief that Earth’s first stable continents were formed in a plate tectonic setting.

  • New laser tool reveals helium secrets

    New laser tool reveals helium secrets

    Curtin University researchers have for the first time been able to visualise where helium atoms are trapped within individual mineral grains, providing information that can help to determine the geological history of the Earth’s crust and assist in monitoring natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


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