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  • WASM team scoops bronze in international geoscience awards

    Curtin IBA Team

    A team of students from the WA School of Mines, Curtin University, has picked up the bronze medal in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Imperial Barrel Award competition in Houston, Texas.

  • Birds of a feather huddle together to keep out the cold

    White-browed Babbler

    Researchers curious about how small birds in the wild manage to survive cold winter nights have used miniature temperature transmitters and data loggers to solve the puzzle.

  • Mildew Mania turns 5!

    Mildew mania

    A citizen science project that links both urban and rural school students with agriculture has recently celebrated five years of success, with more than 16,300 Western Australian students from years one through to 12 from more than 220 schools participating in the project.

  • Astronomers hazard a ride in a ‘drifting carousel’ to understand pulsating stars

    Pulsar signal

    What sounds like a stomach-turning ride at an amusement park might hold the key to unravelling the mysterious mechanism that causes beams of radio waves to shoot out from pulsars − super-magnetic rotating stars in our Galaxy.

  • Star in closest orbit ever seen around black hole

    Black hole

    Astronomers have found evidence of a star that whips around a likely black hole twice an hour. This could be the tightest orbital dance ever seen by a black hole and a companion star in our own Milky Way galaxy.


  • More dates

    An opportunity for those who've shared in the WAIT and Curtin journey to celebrate what makes our university unique.

  • Join us for an engineering information evening and find out how your passion for maths, science and technology could lead to a successful career in engineering.

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